Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

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Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

It’s come down to the wire and Man United have three games left in this so far so close historic season. A rather unpredictable Tottenham provides the opposition at Old Trafford on Sunday. I thought the choice of Spurs David Ginola as footballer of the year was stretching things somewhat. Yes, he has played well and scored a couple of spectacular goals, and yes he entertains, but footballer of this year he is not. Regardless of my unpaid for opinions, Ginola will not be enough to stop the Red Devils on Sunday and stage one of the celebrations can commence in earnest, although it should be acknowledged that any slip up will allow Arsenal to successfully defend the title. Nailbiting times.

The FA Cup Final goes May 22nd at Wembley and Alan Shearer gets his chance to spoil the dream. And then just 4 days later Bayern Munich try to win the big one, the European Cup Final played in Barcelona. It all comes down to their next three games. Everything that went before will be forgotten come kick-off Sunday and it’s all on the line. It is possible that United will win nothing, evoking memories of a superb Leeds United effort in the Seventies, or they just might do it. The nice thing is that their fate is in their own hands. (or feet so to speak). Good luck United, I like history being made, and for all the entertainment you have provided this season long in your attempts to do the “virtually” impossible, thank you. I will watch all 270 minutes with bated breath.

More than ever, they must follow the old cliché and take it one game at a time. Forget the 30 games unbeaten run. One short game ago, the title looked to be going to the Arsenal. Now Utd will be favoured to lift the trophy. It is futile to think or blink, just do it.

The Cup final is potentially a classic since Newcastle will not relish losing in the showpiece two consecutive years and obviously will not roll over to accommodate any other teams dream. A great stage for a great encounter, and it has the added bonus of looking entertaining as well – not always the case in games where the stakes are high.

If they do manage to pull off the first two legs of the impossible treble, I suspect that normal human beings can only imagine the atmosphere in Barcelona for the winner takes all game. As a game of soccer, it looks on paper to be dour and hard fought, but as a piece of history making, the prospects are as spectacular as they are unprecedented.

Gentlemen, start your engines.

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