Front Deltoid Head

front deltoid head

The front (anterior) deltoid head is one of three heads which compose the deltoid muscle. The deltoid, or deltoideus, is called so due to the Greek letter “Delta”; a triangle.

The front deltoid head is effectively targeted by performing pressing exercises. For example, the bench press recruits the front deltoid head as the shoulder moves through transverse flexion, although the exercise is widely seen as an exercise for the chest, with the shoulders playing a secondary role. Similarly, overhead pressing exercises, such as the dumbbell shoulder press, highly stimulates the muscle head.

Those who wish to develop high levels of muscle hypertrophy, namely bodybuilders, may choose to directly target the front head in isolation. To do so, the front raise is the most effective choice, targeting the front deltoid via shoulder flexion whilst muting any assistance from other muscle groups


Other names

  • Anterior deltoid head
  • Front deltoid head
  • Front of the shoulder
  • Deltoid
  • Deltoideus
  • Front delts
  • Delts
  • Caps
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