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A Hand With Cycle #...
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A Hand With Cycle #2

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I will be finishing a 12 week cycle of equipoise and winstrol and I am looking toward locating what I will need for my next cycle. I am 22 years old, 6’3″, 225 pounds, and my lifts are: incline bench=350, squat=500, and deadlift=625. I am looking for a cycle to continue increasing my power potential without gaining a lot of weight. Should I just do the same one I am on right now again? Does anyone have any better ideas for me? Any help is appreciated…

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EQ/Winny are good choices, others are finaplix, anavar, halotestin, propionate and masteron…maybe a couple others but I think thats a good selection.

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I’d maybe run the same cycle, but throw some fina in there and maybe some anavar. just a thought.

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try this:

halo weeks 1-4 winny weeks 4-12 fina weeks 1-6 prop weeks 6-12

That gives you a good overlap and the halo and prop are fast acting and that will give you one in the beginning and one in the end. and the winny and fina will be kicking in the middle.

you’ll get strong on this and maybe ain about 10-15 lbs, lean muscle.