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Thermogenic Energy Drinks

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Hey guys might be a stupid question, but i know you ahve all seen the ephedrine/caffeine drinks such as speed stack, ripped force, ect.. I Have been drinking these before my workouts to really push myself and get that extra rep. Only question i have is will drinking these things have any negative effects on trying to gain muscle mass? I am 17 and right now take creatine and andro poppers as my supplements. I have made enormous strength gains in the past 3-4 months but have not really put on much over 5-10 pounds. Thanks for any help.

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I wouldn’t worry much about it if your only taking the thermogenics once a day before your workouts. I definitely wouldn’t recommend using thermogenics on a regular basis throughout the day though if your goal is to gain weight. They burn those high calories you need. If you’re a real hard gainer then I’d suggest only using the drinks a few times a week.