Forrest Griffin’s Workout

Forrest Griffin has been to the top of the UFC’s Light Heavyweight Division and knows what it takes to get there.  Known for his amazing work ethic and heart, Forrest Griffin often out works, out paces and out lasts his opponents.  His high endurance and no quit attitude wears opponents down and steals their will.  Sure, some of his athleticism is likely to be genetic, but Griffin isn’t known as one of the hardest working fighters in the business for nothing.  Griffin works out three times a day, six days a week to be the fighter he is.  You want a taste of what Forrest Griffin does in the gym?  Here is his workout courtesy of Men’s Fittness.


Morning: 30 minutes of boxing practice against mitts, 90 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves

Afternoon: Wrestling practice

Evening: Strength and conditioning exercises (see the moves here), plus 30-minute run on the treadmill

Tuesday and Thursday

Morning: 60 minutes of light wrestling/jiu-jitsu moves

Afternoon: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring

Evening: 60 minutes of plyometric exercises


Morning: 60 minutes of boxing practice

Afternoon: Practices wrestling and jiu-jitsu moves

Evening: Repeat Monday evening’s workout


Morning: Same as Monday morning

Afternoon: “Shark tank” wrestling practice, an hour-long drill in which he’ll wrestle one guy for a minute and see a new guy continually jump in

Evening: Does five “five-minute rounds” on a treadmill at 10 mph with a minute’s rest in between


Morning: Gantlet workout, which includes weighted running drills on steps and dragging a sled

Evening: Simulates UFC fight with hard sparring

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