Footing A Bill & A Raid-Less Raider

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Footing A Bill & A Raid-Less Raider

Jamarcus Russell former starting QB for the Oakland Raiders has been struggling with his on-field athletic performance, since, he was drafted into the NFL. The recent decision to bench him has caused many to ask and wonder…. what was the delay? Russell has earned a shameful position in the NFL QB rankings as having the second worst winning percentage and pass completions of a QB in the league. Matthew Stafford is even more shamed with the #1 worst ranking. He earned it with a 2-32 winning percentage, extremely minimal pass completions and passing rush yards for 20 yards or more. As the NFL season enters into its 11th week….other teams are sniffing the ‘sweet aroma’ of the playoffs. The Baltimore Colts and New Orleans Saints both have a 9-0 record. For the Colts this is their best record, since, 2006 and for the Saints its their best ever.
Bruce Gradkowski will be the starting QB for the Oakland Raiders, the remainder of this season. This will provide Jamarcus Russell with the badly needed mental serenity that he’s been missing, while he’s sitting on the bench.

The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers will play tonite, with the majority of bets being placed on Carolina as a three point favorite. The Panthers, as a sub -.500 team, are projected by some sources to make it into the playoffs.

Going back into the archives of NFL time….I would like mention a few topics: 1. Injuries 2. Emotions and 3. Greats.

1. Injuries: Ronnie Brown #23 (RB) with the Miami Dolphins is now on the Injury Reserve List (IR). After suffering an injury to his foot, in a recent game. Brown has a record of 648 yards, 147 rushing yards and an average of 4.4 yards per rush. Ricky Williams will replace Brown. The leading rusher, as of today, is Chris Johnson with 1,091 yards. Mike Golic (former NFL player and Co-Host of The Mike & Mike Show) made this statement about injuries in the NFL…. “when we got injured….they gave us an aspirin and sent us back on the field to play.”

2. Emotions: The Buffalo Bills fired their Head Coach, Dick Jauron. Mike Shanahan (former Denver Broncos Head Coach)was contacted first about the Head Coach position. Should Shanahan wait until the end of the season, to consider the offer? He {Shanahan} has a W-L 47-17 record. Terrell Ownes (T.O.) WR with the Bills made this statement, to his former Head Coach…. “I wish him well.” If the Bills do, in fact, get a big name Head Coach….what will happen to Terrell Owens? Flip a coin, flip a Bill….will T.O. have to go? In the last ten years, there have been 70 Head coach changes in the NFL. Perry Fewell (Defensive Coordinator) is the interim Head Coach, until further notice.

Rex Ryan, Head Coach of the N.Y. Jets began to cry while speaking during a recent news conference. Do you think that a Head Coach who displays his innermost emotions should lose the respect of his team? Well, there are a couple of well-known sports figures who believe that it should not matter. Mark Schelreth (former NFL player and Sports Analyst) made these remarks…. “I cry watching Finding Nemo with my daughter, especially, at the end. I’m a baller!”

3. Greats: According to Mark Schelreth…. “Trey Duncan, one of the greatest punters of all time,” will only be remembered for one bad snap in one game.

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