Foods to Stay Away From

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Foods to Stay Away From

What are some of the foods you must absolutely stay away from as a Bodybuilder?  I am sure if you took a moment or two you I am sure your mind can think of some foods that you know you should not consume at all. To help keep your mind from working overtime, I have listed some foods to avoid below and see if you don’t agree. If you can think of any others, please let me know and add them. 

French-Fries – I listed this one first because French fries are so popular today. Yet, they are deep-fried in oil that adds carcinogen acrylamide (promotes cancer) into potatoes and most chips. A huge serving of fries can contain over 300 times the allowable limit set by other countries such as Sweden.

Processed Breakfast Cereals – I used to eat these as a kid because it was convenient for a quick breakfast.  Now, there are health breakfast cereals that you can find at health food or natural food stores.  You need to avoid those cereals which use genetically modified grains (may create proteins that can trigger allergies or promote disease) in that they are jam-packed with refined sugar with very little protein.
Diet Soda – on a road trip a friend of mine told me that diet soda contains aspartame, which has no nutritional value. I said “So?” Then, she told me aspartame is metabolized into a formaldehyde compound. When you drink that diet soda you are actually embalming your body.  I immediately through the diet soda away and haven’t had one since. Consuming aspartame can lead to problems. Plus, evidence shows that artificial sweeteners stimulate the desire for sweet food.

Soda Pop – Now that I tell you not to drink diet soda doesn’t mean it is okay to drink soda pop. The popular drink is jam-packed with refined sugar and has no nutritional value, but high school students use it as a foremost source of hydration. Taken in large amounts have the potential to de-mineralize bones.
Decaffeinated Coffee – You might as well drink coffee because some of the decaffeination processes employ a filtration that imparts active chlorine into the coffee. It’s bad enough we swim in it. Studies report that women who drink decaffeinated coffee have a higher incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.

White Bread – While flour is stripped of all its nutrients, which includes vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals. Plus, even refined liquid sugar is included in the batch. White bread was originally designed for extended storage life of the bread. With the nutrients and fiber removed the flour of the bread, it is no longer a food that can rot on the shelf of a store.

Commercial Pizza – Don’t get me wrong. I am a pizza lover; I do know that most pizzas have lots of protein. But commercial pizzas are high in sodium, carbohydrates and fats, pizza is heated at over 350F, destroying an enormous amount of the nutrients. I suggest, baking our own, by using wholesome flours, vegetables and cheese.
Low Fat Ice Cream – Don’t let the “low fat” fool you. Most low fat ice cream is made from genetically modified soy.  Plus, removing the fat out of the ice creams spikes the sugar index. If you are going to indulge, then indulge and enjoy it.
Donuts — Donuts are deep fried white bread coated with sugar. Do I need to say more?

Fruit Drinks – Juice drinks are glorified colored sugar water. Read the label and see for yourself that sugar is one of the first three ingredients. Don’t let the labeling fool you because they can be misleading with cane juice and concentrated grape juice.

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