Fitness Guru, Amer “The Hammer”

So I have been chatting with a lifting guru while on facebook and he really knows his stuff.  So I asked him if he would like to appear on my blog as a personal trainer, and hand out some free advice.  And since the goal here is to get as buff and as educated as possible, he was all in.  While he isn’t into juicing, which is perfectly ok, he is into lifting .  So I introduce Amer The Hammer.

AMER THE HAMMER is a  drug free fitness model, bodybuilder, and a professional model who has been featured in magazines and TV commercials.  Amer is a professional personal trainer in the Toronto area!  Amer has competed in many shows, and has much knowledge through endless hours of reading and experience on  training and nutrition!  Amer will be competing in the 2009 WBFF, FAME WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, and FITNESS STAR!  Amer is a 100% drug free athlete!

You look around the gym and what do you see? Bicep curls, bench, triceps extensions, wide grip pull downs , and once in a while some half ass leg press, with a few quick half hearted standing calf raises.

Legs are the big wheels in bodybuilding and the most important muscles in ever day life.

These gross muscles have huge potential no matter how your genetics have predetermined them, and yes even your lower legs have this potential.

The main issue with legs in the bodybuilding or any other circle is the lack of range of movement and you may be thinking that partial reps are useful, but those are only one example of training these Herculean muscles.

By incorporating fuller ranges of movement to your leg training will help you stimulate more muscle fibers and promote a greater release of natural GH in your body.

The next thing you may be thinking when you hear fuller range is are my joints going to hurt and you may be thinking about your own range of motion.

All these questions can be addressed by stating that full range is debatable and varies for everyone.

Also I’m not telling you to go out and squat until your ass hits the floor, but if you squat for example as far as possible can without compromising form (without putting to much pressure on joints ) then your possibility for growth is much more attainable.

Well Thank you Amer, for your time and info.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected], or if you have fitness questions, please feel free to hit up Amer.

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