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Eyes On The World And Patrick

The Civil War of the northeast is now over. As you have, probably, heard….the New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3, last night in the World Series. The Yankees had not won a World Series, since, 2000. As a native Northeastener….I was not, personally, torn between the Yankees and the Phillies. I’ve been a Yankees fan for, many, decades. They are the first MLB team to end the season with the most runs batted in, home runs and, also, to win the World Series, since, 1984 when Detroit accomplished this record breaking feat. The Yankees’ Pettitte and the Phillies’ Martinez threw their hearts into the pitches that zoomed through the air at speeds, sometimes, as fast as 89 mph. Alex Rodriguez with his controversial admission of using steroids, was a major contributing factor to the Yankees’ victory. At this point in their game of MLB….Rodriguez and Pettitte could, most likely, care less about what the world thinks about their use of steroids. Why should they? Thanks to Yankees players like Matsui (MVP), Rodriguez and Pettitte….the NY Yankees remain in a league of their own. They have now won 27 World Series titles, which is the ALL-TIME record!

Brandon Spikes a star LB for the University of Florida Gators, has proven to the world that he, unquestionably, believes in an eye for an eye retaliation. During Florida’s game against the University of GA Bulldogs….Spikes attempted to gouge the eyes of UGA RB Washaun Ealey. Spikes was, originally, suspended for only half of the upcoming game, this Saturday, against Vanderbilt. But, after the punishment was considered to be too light for the act that was commited….Georgia’s Head Coach Urban Myer increased the penalty to the entire game (no play) against Vanderbilt suspension. Coach Urban’s wife brought the incident to his attention on Sunday night. On Monday morning, defensive coordinator Charlie Stern, also, contacted Coach Urban about the incident. After reviewing the replay of the game….Coach Urban had, definitive, confirmation of the incident. When questioned by Coach Urban about his actions….Spikes admitted, that he was retaliating for his own helmet being ripped off and for being poked in one eye. This is very unfortunate for Spikes. As one of the best linebackers in college football….he is expected to be a high draft pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He is fourth on the Florida team with 42 tackles and three sacks. According to sources, the entire game was overwhelmed by obnoxious behavior, that included pushing, shoving, five personal-foul penalties–three against GA and two against FLA–and let’s not leave out, plenty of smack-talking. There’s one thing that we know for sure….kids learn and duplicate by example. In January of 2008, Vince Wilfork NT for the N.E. Patriots was fined $15,000 for poking a finger close to the eyes of NY Giants RB Brandon Jacobs. Now what kind of a role model sets this type of example?

The world of NASCAR is, soon, going to become more attractive. Female Indy Sports driver Danica Patrick is working on a deal with JR Motorsports and the Nationwide Racing Team. Dale Earnhart Jr is negotiating with Patrick, to drive for his JR Motorsports organization. If an agreement is reached….Patrick will drive for both NASCAR and Indy Sports. YOU GO, GO, GO GIRL!


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