Diet & Nutrition

Diet & Nutrition

safe sun tanning

Safe Sun Tanning

Having a sun-kissed, golden complexion is a popular desire among the masses in the UK, especially teens who are increasingly using sun-beds and self tanning methods to become darker skinned. While having a tan can be aesthetically pleasing and portray a fit and healthy body; we must realise the fundamental[…]

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Cialis And Bodybuilding

Some of you have known about this for a very long time. However recently speaking with some TRT users I’ve shared some of my “supplement” regimen additions with them that I use with my TRT, and “On Cycle” as well. When sharing this info with some other weight trainers, occasionally[…]

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clean vs natural

Clean Vs. Natural – Making Sense of It All

A lot of debate takes place on message boards and in gyms across the country as to what is actually a natural athlete. Let’s try to nail down specific definitions for the sake of uniformity in discussion, keeping in mind that drug classifications change with only a pen stroke from[…]

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groin injury prevention

Groin Injury Prevention

Groin strains are very common in those who weight lift, fitness train, and take part in sporting activities. The adductor muscles can be particular venerable during activities which incorporate explosive hip movements and quick changes in direction, hence tennis players, footballers, rugby players and countless other sports people susceptible to[…]

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boost your metabolism

5 Top Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

Keeping it simple is the key to any plan to lose weight quickly and safely. No magic cure or secret recipe kept by a hidden tribe only recently found in the jungle. No bizarre exercise rituals that will leave you sore and confused, all you will find here are simple[…]

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calories cereal chart

Calories In Cereal – a Chart

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and many people chose to consume one of the many breakfast cereals available in nearly all supermarkets. There have been some recent reports regarding the misleading advertising surrounding breakfast cereals, especially those aimed at children, which contain very high[…]

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swimming pool strength workout

Swimming Pool Strength And Weight Loss Workout

Aqua based workouts can be enjoyed and beneficial to a wide variety of people, even those who have sprains and minor injuries as the water based exercises are low impact unlike many on land movements. Water resistance also dynamically works the muscles of opposing as well as assisting muscle groups,[…]

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Healthy BMI?

Do you have a healthy BMI? The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation which determines a numerical index from comparing your height to your weight. The only two factors which determine the BMI reading is a persons height and bodyweight, and therefore does not take into account a whole[…]

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