Diet and Fitness for Women to Lose Weight

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Diet and Fitness for Women to Lose Weight

It doesn’t matter how intensive your workouts are. If your muscles are covered under fat, you will still look plump. Only your diet and exercise intensity matter. Healthy diet is the easiest way to lose fat. Make sure you eat right, not little. Many women just do not eat enough. When they feel unhappy about the way their belly or hips look, women stop eating at all hoping to lose fat there. And that’s the worst idea you can come up with.

Eating a Little to Lose Weight. Does It Work?

It doesn’t make sense to eat a little. If you want to stay healthy and lose weight quickly, eat small portions 4-6 times a day. The food should be rich in calorie, like bread and pasta made with hard durum wheat, fresh fruit, and lean proteins. These foods help accelerate metabolism, burn fats and keep your body from malnutrition. In the state of malnutrition, your body does not use the fat deposits as a fuel, as many people believe, but feeds off the muscle tissue.

How Many Calories Should a Woman Eat a Day to Stay Fit?

Daily caloric intake depends on a number of factors such as weight, height, body-build and fat deposits amount. An average caloric intake for women is 2000 kcal daily. It must be higher for those who have intensive activity and lower for those who are burning fats. If you don’t have an idea how many calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats you eat, learn about it from nutrition handbooks. Keep a right diet and you are going to get enough energy and drive to cope with your problems.

Aerobics to Lose Weight

Another step is the right aerobics program. Train with high intensity, but make sure you can speak during the training. 2-2.5 cumulative hours weekly is well-enough.

The Importance of Aerobics for Women

Why is the aerobics important for women? First, the aerobics helps the body to burn fats as a fuel. As women have relatively more fat, more fuel is left for work, too. Second, it regulates metabolism. The aerobics exercises accelerate metabolism and increase the amount of calories you can burn off. And, finally, the aerobics boosts your blood flow, which purifies the muscles, strengthens the heart and increases your stamina.

The Most Effective Time to Do Aerobics

How to carry out your aerobics program? Do the aerobics after your weight training when your heart activity is high. Respectively, you start burning your fat off earlier.

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