Detox Naturally with Food

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Detox Naturally with Food

It’s always an excellent idea to add detox food to your diet because it will help you feel refreshed and healthier. The benefits to adding detox food lowers your weight and cleanses your body–even helps you look and feel great. In order to help you start eating more detox food, here are some detox foods you can choose to buy at the grocery store, gradually add them to your diet and clean up the benefits. 

First of all, it’s very important that you drink lots of water while you add these detox foods to your diet. Water flushes out toxins.

Start out by eating green leafy vegetables. Raw vegetables are the best way to get the detox benefits or if your body prefers try adding them to warm chicken or vegetable broth. Leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll works with the body cleansing out environmental toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides. Some call chlorophyll a wonderful and effective liver protector. 

Cabbage is another vegetable that helps activate detoxifying enzymes in the liver. I bet you never thought coleslaw tasted so good. 

This is what I do every morning and my body loves it. I drink water with fresh lemon juice. Every lemon contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is a detox vitamin. Lemons take toxins from the body, changes them to water-soluble substance that flushes them out of the body. 

A favorite is a clean handful of watercress, loaded in minerals, and you can place them in your salads, soups or sandwiches. They taste peppery and the little green leaves have a diuretic effect, which moves toxins through the system. 

Because the liver cleanses the body, it’s a great idea to activate your liver enzymes by taking garlic. You get those enzymes going your body will detox automatically. You can add garlic to your salads, sauces and spreads. Also, garlic is wonderful for the heart.  

If you feeling kind of low or peaked, you can brew a cup of green tea. The ancient tea is a rich antioxidant, containing. Green tea speeds up liver function. 

I am sure you have eaten broccoli before, but have you ever tried broccoli sprouts? You can get them at your favorite health-food store. These tender sprouts contain far more cancer-fighting enzymes than their grown-ups do. 

Another treat for the liver is sesame seeds. They protect your liver cells. You can even get the seeds in concentrate by trying Tahiti or yummy sesame seed paste used in Asian cooking. 

Here is another tip that works wonders on cleaning up toxins and cholesterol. Just stir psyliium powder in your favorite juice and shoot it down. The resourceful plant is rich in soluble fiber.  

You might even want to bite into a plump peach, ripe mango, fresh berries or snappy apple. All of these are loaded with vitamin C, nutritious fluids, fiber and tons of antioxidants.

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