Caged Breasts

There’s alot more going on behind the caged scenes and events of the MMA, UFC and WEC than meets the public eye. Darrill Schoonover and other members of Team Rashad and Team Rampage are having a behind-the-scenes dispute about (believe it or not)…BREASTS! Yes, not just any breasts, but their own. Apparently, what started as just a casual joke, has now turned into a hypertensive, adrenaline spiking, testosterone increasing verbal battle. According to a scene from a recent episode….Darrill Schoonover told another member of Team Rashad, that their breasts were larger than another team member’s breasts. The argument, nearly, became violently physical between Schoonover and the other team member. The coach of Team Rampage (Rampage Jackson) is on a virtual mission, to weaken the mind-set of Schoonover with continuous ‘egging-on and teasing’ about having breasts instead of a chest. Since when do “straight” men compare their own breasts and hypothetical bra sizes?

I have often wondered, how many Gay and Bi-sexual men and women enjoy watching this kind of sporting event. Just like any other full contact sport….Extreme Cagefighting can become, very, sexually oriented and suggestive. There is a, very, thin line between Extreme Cagefighting and a single ‘X’ rated porn movie. The next time that you decide to watch…. just try to think ‘outside of the cage!’

A recent comment made by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, once again, confirms the beliefs of most pro-steroid-use sports enthusiasts. Mr. Cuban stated….”I’m not so against steroids if they’re administered under proper supervision and there is no long-term damage.” He made further remarks siting the use of steroids may help speed-up the healing process of injuries.

This theory could, very well, be put into the testing phase (if allowed) on December 19th when Donald Cerrone and Ed Ratcliff fight in Las Vegas. The bout could determine the next opponent for the winner of the title unification bout in early 2010, between champion Jamie Varner and interim titleholder Ben Henderson.

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