Buttocks Workout Scheme for Women

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Buttocks Workout Scheme for Women

It is hard to imagine a female bodybuilder without beautiful, toned up hips. Although hip area is formed with two independent muscle groups, we offer you to work on both of them at the same time, since most of the good exercises load them simultaneously.

Leg Straightening

It is a great exercise if you want to shape the front hip area. The exercise is very simple, it is perfect for beginners. Secure some weights on your ankles, sit down on the bench, lay one thigh on the bench completely. Slowly stretch the leg out. Once your leg is fully straightened and your muscles are well squeezed, hold your leg like that for a moment and then slowly return to the initial position.

Leg Press (Done on a Special Machine)

Put your feet wide on the platform if you want to work on the buttocks, quadriceps (the muscles which form the front side of the thigh), and thigh biceps (muscles which form the back area of the hip from the knee to the buttock). Breathe in, hold your breath. Slowly bend your legs in the knees until they are touching your chest. You should not help yourself with the hands so make sure you hold on to something. Slowly push the weight back to the initial position. Breathe out. Your movements should be slow enough so that one breath-hold is enough for one repetition.


You can work with every leg area, including the side of the thighs and all the way to the buttocks and thigh biceps depending on how you do the lounges. Take small weights into each hand and hold your back straight (vertically). Keep your back straight and do 10 lounges with one leg and then with the other one. The movement is right when your knee stays above the toes and the body does not shift forward. Remember, the further the lounge is the more the more pressure goes on the buttocks and the thigh biceps. The shorter the lounge the heavier the load is on quadriceps.

Lounges Walk

You can do this exercise wherever you want and in place of weight use anything, even milk-packs. It is a perfect workout if you want to maintain the form while do not wish to enlarge your buttocks and thighs biceps. First of all choose some obstacle-free area and do 12-20 long, deep lounges forward with each leg. Turn around and do another 12-20 steps.


Regardless of how you do the squats, this is one of the few exercises which can effectively round your buttocks and thighs. Put your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight. Hold a gymnastic stick on your shoulders. Bend your knees and squat till there is a 90 degree angle between the thigh and the shin. Try to keep your knees right over your toes. Breathe in slowly. Breathe out.

Ballet squat

The same squat as described above, but your feet should be wide apart and toes turned outwards. This exercise loads the outer side of the thighs and the buttocks heavily.

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