Bust Of Bodybuilders , Well Worth The Price ?

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Bust Of Bodybuilders , Well Worth The Price ?

Everyone in our community knows about the Bodybuilders in Oklahoma that were arrested.

We can assume the man hours and money that went into this, but why. Are the streets of Oklahoma that much safer now that they are not roaming them.

No, the streets are not safer, and there is a crack dealer in Oklahoma laughing his ass off because of this event.

I know illegal is illegal but there is a reason the punishment varies based on the crime.

The reason being is the more severe a crime, the more time in jail.  I think if they arrested every Crack, Heroin, pill and Meth dealer in OK , then I would be a little more comfortable with these arrests.

But this not the case, there are neighborhoods suffering because of real issues and yet to the law enforcement this seems more important.

I am bewildered my friends.

I would like to look into the stats, such as how many deaths were caused by the various drugs I previously listed.

I know roughly what they are but I want exact numbers to back my point.  Maybe it is my own bias towards steroids because I know the truth and don’t believe in that After School Special bullshit.  This may make the point that much more pressing, but come on, anyone with common-sense can realize why this is ass backwards.

Trust me , I respect the men and women of Law Enforcement because they risk their lives on a daily basis, and it takes a lot of courage to do so. My qualm is with is with those who decide where to focus their energy.

Yet when it is time to hand out medical benefits to the less fortunate , there is no funding.

Unreal !!!!

I had to get that off my chest.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have at [email protected] . Thank you.

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