The Florida State garnet and black tomahawk has axed the coaching career of Bobby Bowden. The scalping of the second highest ranked winning head coach in college football history, will be the beginning of a brand-new era in football at Florida State University. During an interview by the media, Bowden made these sincere remarks…. “Nothing lasts forever…does it? But, I’ve had some wonderful years and no regrets. There are so many great players. I can’t name them all. We did win our share. We didn’t win them all!”

Bowden’s replacement will be Jimbo Fisher, who was chosen after the 2007 season. At the ripe young age of 80 yrs old….Bobby Bowden appears to be in excellent health. The legacy that he leaves behind at FSU will be talked about, far, beyond our lifetimes. Bowden’s 34 year tenure took FSU to, nearly, unprecedented heights. Under Bowden’s coaching guidance…. FSU won over 10 games in 14 straight seasons from 1987-2000. They were in the top five of the NCAA top 25 for 14 straight years. FSU played in 27 bowl games and were national champs twice, in 1993 and 1999. “Historically, Bowden is one of the greatest coaches in college football,” stated Herman {Herm} Edwards (former NFL player and head coach).

FSU was established in 1851, as West Florida Seminary. Football at FSU began, as early or earlier, than 1899 at West Florida Seminary. After being renamed Florida State College in 1901….the football team became the State of Florida’s champions.

The passage of the Buckman Act by the State of Florida Legislature in 1905, was the beginning of coeducation in Florida. The college was renamed the Florida State College for Women. The entire male student body, including the fraternity system and the football team, were transferred to the newly created University of Florida.

The university system in Florida received alot of pressure at the end of World War II, to place the “Buckman Act” into effect. The State of Florida Legislature voted to rename the Florida State College for Women to Florida State University. This act permitted men to, once again, attend the university for the first time, since 1905. This transition opened the door for the return of football to Florida State University and the rest is college football history! In 1968, Calvin Patterson became FSU’s first African-American football player.

Bobby Bowden, although, it had been rumored that he was being put under pressure to retire, was still given the honor of bowing out gracefully. Unlike, his son Tommy Bowden (former head football coach of the Clemson University Tigers) who was fired in 2008. We wish you the best in life Coach Bowden….you’ve earned it!

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