Bonds, McGwire on Steroids

There is no question that the Mount Rushmore of baseball from 1995 – 2005 would have featured four PED (performance enhancing drugs) users.

How is it, that after a great opening week of the season two of the faces from that era are steaing some headlines about PED’s?  Those two players are none other than all-time greats, Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire (Big Mac).

During this past off season McGwire finally admitted to the use of steroids and HGH (Human Growth Hormones) during the majority of his career.  He claims that steroids didn’t improve his game; they just helped him stay healthy.  Yeah, toilet paper doesn’t help me wipe my ass; it just saves me from having to use my sock.

Bonds, who still has not officially retired from the game, was in San Francisco for a reunion honoring the 2000 NL West Champion team.  You know your organization is struggling when you’re celebrating 10 year reunions pertaining to a second place finish.  That’s like having a reunion for kids who almost graduated high school.

Name Is Shame, Shame Bonds

Bonds was indicted on charges of lying to the federal grand jury investigating BALCO.  Bonds admitted to using “the cream” (a testosterone-based ointment) and “the clear” (an anabolic steroid), supplied to him by his trainer, Greg Anderson, but denies ever knowing that they were undetectable steroids.

Mr. Bonds, based on this information you have already admitted to taking steroids. For whatever reason you didn’t decide to read the labels or ask the proper questions on what you were using, doesn’t change the fact that baseball and its fans deem you as “dirty.” You are a multi-million dollar self corporation, take some time to find out what you are doing to your body and if it abides by the rules set by MLB.

ESPN reports say that Bonds isn’t out of the woods yet. He may be sporting a pumpkin-colored jumpsuit at some point down the road.

Bonds’ perjury case is still pending — he is still under indictment and awaiting trial. In September the government filed an appeal of the judge’s decision to exclude much of the evidence against him and is awaiting a decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. A ruling is expected sometime in the next couple of months.

Mr. Bonds, my advice to you is, the moment this BALCO situation is behind you, come clean if you want even the slightest chance at being a member of the HOF.  When you decide to be honest about what really happened, please do a better job than your “good friend” Mr. McGwire did.  Mr. Bonds, be the voice of steroids and let the people know how they can be beneficial when used properly.

Dr. Steroids

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