Bodybuilding Principles to Follow

Bodybuilding takes dedication and persistence without ever cluttering the mind with the idea of doubting one’s ability to make it to competition. The bodybuilder knows that he or she needs to train intensively. You need to be aware as you go through your training sessions that your workout is intense to the degree that you push your body to do more. If you plan to do 7 repetitions but know your body can do 10, and then do 10.  Work hard at each set until your body can no longer use proper technique and stop.  Here are some more principles to follow to help you work to that glorious moment of competing on stage.  Effective WorkoutsCardio – You want to build muscle, so you need your calories. For that reason, keep your cardio training down to a smallest amount of our workout as possible. If you perform too much cardio in your workout, you will burn too many calories, and that doesn’t build muscle. Regulate your cardio workout and keep it separate from your muscle building workout.

Hydrate Your BodyWater is very important if you body build. You need to drink more than 8 glasses a day to keep your body hydrated. You will flush out toxins and increase the body’s circulation. Water also helps the muscles look fuller and healthier.

Watch Your Food Intake – Bodybuilders need energy from excellent sources of food like rice, oatmeal, potatoes, bananas and apples. These foods are high in carbohydrates and are very healthy. They give your body energy and need to be taken daily to maintain your energy level for intense workouts.

Foods such as chicken and fish are lean and help build muscle on the body. Tuna is wonderful as a low cost, high protein food that contains practically no fat or carbohydrates. Try not to eat too much tuna because reportedly the fish is high in mercury from polluted waters.

Body Build by Alternate Days – Alternate your bodybuilding days by working on your upper body one day, and then your lower body the next day. Plan your workouts on a calendar by assigning days to focus on specific areas of the body.  You can work on arms and shoulders one day, and then legs the next, giving each muscle time to recover for maximum bodybuilding capability.

Sleep – Not enough can be stressed on the importance of getting enough rest and sleep so your muscles can recover and regain their strength before embarking on another intense workout. Most bodybuilding experts recommend 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. Having a great looking body can lead to all sorts of social activities that could break your bodybuilding routine such as staying up late with “friends” or meeting someone special for the night.  Keep to your own lifestyle and make wise choices that will highlight your future.

These are basic principles that most bodybuilders can adhere to and already know.  But it’s worth learning and re-learning because when bodybuilding principles are followed bodybuilders can glorify in the success while preventing injury and setbacks.

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