Best Stress Relieving Foods

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Best Stress Relieving Foods

One of the toughest things in life to do is On E-Health MD, they gave some surprising stats in an article on what events (good or bad) in life can raise your stress level. The following situations are rated on the “Holmes-Raye” scale. The higher the number, the greater the stress:

Death of a spouse – 100 points

Divorce – 73 points

Marriage – 50 points

Pregnancy – 40 points

Buying a house – 31 points

Christmas – 12 points

Everyone handles stressful events or situations differently, and some better than others.  For example, Throughout the day there may be moments when you feel like you might be at the tipping point.  You could be preparing for a big exam, involved in a heated conversation, or even laying in bed dwelling on the next day’s activities.

The next time it feels like your heart is going to beat out of your chest or you’re going to rip out what little hair you have left, just reach for one of these snacks.

Cantaloupe and Cottage Cheese

Incorporating a healthy amount of vitamin C into your diet is vital for fighting stress or anxiety.  Cantaloupes are a tremendous source of vitamin C. Extended periods of stress actually lower levels of vitamin C in the adrenal glands, which probably won’t be replenished by the daily Flintstone vitamin.

Cottage cheese is a solid provider of vitamins B2 and B12, supplying the body with antioxidants lifting mood, making it a great snack combo.


Perhaps you’re stressed out about a big date coming up and your bowels are little backed up.  Look into blueberries, since they’re great for constipation relief.  Stress is known to cause constipation and blueberries might do the trick and loosen you up.

Blueberries are also great for all around health.  They help fight cancer and There are also hearty foods that you could enjoy and use to relieve stress for lunch or dinner.  When people get stressed or depressed, they often reach for comfort foods like chocolate, ice cream, or mashed potatoes.

Think about it this way: if you eat those foods instead of eating healthy stress relievers you may gain weight, causing your clothes to be tighter and butt to get bigger, eventually causing more stress.


Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to be great at fighting off stress and anxiety.  The three types of fish high in omega-3 fatty acids are sardines, salmon, and tuna. They increase serotonin levels and decrease cortisol, making fish a great stress-buster.


If you’re really stressed out and looking for a way to combine something with fish or other entrées to double up on getting stress down, then think green.

Broccoli, kale, and other green vegetables are filled with vitamins that help the body recover during stressful periods.  They also contain potassium, which is good for our nerves and can have a calming effect.

Whole Grain Foods

A great way to control stress levels is to be happy, but how can you increase happiness?  Eating whole grain pasta and rice, since they can boost the brain’s levels of serotonin!

Think about the people you know that seem to have the least amount of stress in their lives, they are probably generally pretty happy.  This is something that might come naturally to them, but for you it may only happen with a few more fish, broccoli, and rice dinners.


Don’t worry non-fish eaters, here comes red meat to save the day!  A nice juicy steak is not only mouth-watering, but it contains B vitamins and vast amounts of iron to help put the mind at a state of ease.

However, here is the buzzkill about beef; you can’t eat too much of it because it can lead to health problems down the road.  Leading to what? More and more stress!

Final Fun Fact

According to WebMD, sex lowers your blood pressure and overall stress reduction.  Researchers from Scotland published a study in the medical journal, Biological Psychology, that was based on the stress levels of 24 women and 22 men who kept records of their sexual activity.

Those who had more frequent intercourse had better blood pressure responses when placed in stressful situations, such as speaking in public or doing math problems aloud.

Don’t just think of sex as a great way to reduce stress, but also as a way to get some exercise between the sheets.  The next time your partner says “I feel stressed out,” recommend this article and don’t forget to being the fruit and cottage cheese when headed to the champagne room.

Whether you reduce stress with food or by getting physical remember: one of the most important things to living a long and healthy life is living with as little stress as possible.

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