Axiolabs—Clearing the Misperceptions

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Axiolabs—Clearing the Misperceptions

There’s something about pharmaceuticals and misconceptions. People think that pharmaceutical manufacturers are out to get us. They make substandard products and cut corners at every cost.

This may be true for some folks—I can’t speak for all of them—but this is not the case with Axiolabs. I’m here to talk about where Axio is getting it right and how they can help you be the the best “you” possible.

This isn’t an “Axio rocks and everybody else sucks” article. This is about how Axio does it the right way—and consumers can benefit from their hard work.

As we explore the “full potential of the athlete,” we find that there are ways to help that potential come to fruition through diet and exercise. Axio is providing a “missing link” for athletes who want to do their best.

We hear all about the athletes that are making headlines, and we talk about the best companies—the companies that help. Axiolabs is one of those companies.

Axiolabs delivers high-quality products—they’re the biggest and the best. Come and learn what they’re all about.

What They Do

As it says on their website, their mission statement is “preserving and improving human life and not just selling medicine.”

Axiolabs does this with its expertly staffed and well-organized lab. They offer a method of verifying your product’s authenticity online, and stand behind their products without taking shortcuts.

They produce anti-estrogens, ampoules, oral and injectable steroids and sexual aids for every type of consumer. This is not a 1-product ship.

Axio makes 7 different types of anti-estrogens, 19 injectable steroids, and 13 oral steroids. Additionally, they produce 16 ampoules and a variety of sexual aids. This is takes their product far afield from a “shotgun” operation.

When there is such a vast field of products you know you can rest assured that they are working as hard as possible to live up to their mission statement—improving and preserving life.

But, how do they produce all these products and get it right time after time?  It all comes down to one thing . . .

How They Do It


  • Axiolabs is currently in the process of registering some of their products, a step being taken to further ensure customers that they are only receiving the best.

The lab at Axio is unique in that it follows GMP guidelines. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are a set of principles that are used for the production of active pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices, etc.

A quick read of wikipedia reveals that there are many ways to fulfill your GMP requirements. The requirements range from keeping meticulous records to evaluating complaints and re-testing when necessary.

Because of the fully-compliant GMP status held by Axiolabs the highest of quality standards is employed with every product. Using lab standards such as this can keep consumers at ease knowing they are buying the safest products possible.

The adherence to GMP may slow down testing and manufacturing to a degree, but those sorts of practices are the type of thing that sets Axiolabs apart from the norm—making it safe and professional.

When you go looking for products it’s easy to be lured in by fancy marketing and pretty pictures. Axio does sponsor events like the

It’s easy to look at the “pretty pictures” or even take pot shots at a successful company, but the quality and professionalism at Axiolabs speak for themselves. Competitions, advertising, and good “word of mouth” are just icing on the cake.

What Difference Does The “Right Way” Make?

As in any endeavor it makes sense to do things to the best of your ability.  Sometimes that means you have to work extra-hard. Sometimes that means you’re working harder than other people think is wise.

Either way—you’ve got to do it and do it the right way. When it comes to producing pharmaceuticals, the “right way” can make all the difference in the world.

GMP is designed to provide customers with a lab whose integrity is beyond reproach. The Axiolabs’ laboratory is not required to be GMP-compliant—but it is. It’s a standard of accountability that Axio holds itself to.

They made a choice to be as “above-board” as possible. It’s easy to read phony stories about products being made in toilets on the internet—but GMP takes the lab to a whole other level.

Going the extra mile means you’re not only getting the best product on the market, but it also means you can LOOK FORWARD to more of the best products to come. You can consistently look forward to new innovations from a company like Axio.

Many labs claim to have GMP facilities—like those that end in “dragon”—but these claims are simply untrue.  The competition’s “fantasy” is Axio’s “reality.”

Don’t you look forward to your favorite band’s next album?  You can have the same kind of anticipation about Axio’s products. The “right way” makes all the difference.

Misconceptions = Miscommunication

It’s really easy to find stories on the internet that paint people one way or the other. It’s true that Axiolabs sponsors this news outlet, but we can’t deny what they are doing. So, let’s make sure we get the facts straight.

Axiolabs in no way directs the content of this site. They pay us for advertising, but they do not have editorial control over our writing. We call it just like we see it.

Axiolabs only takes on new customers as they can handle demand. They are meticulous as a business, and it showed when they recently ran low on a certain item.

On their website they announced that they had a shortage and that they were doing their level-best to handle demand. However, it’s important to note that this means they are doing their best to do things right.

It would be one thing if the announcement was, “We ran out, but we’ll throw some crap together real quick for you.”  But, they took pride in their work. Instead the shortage announcement read, in part:

Please note that due to a incredible demand on our sustaplex, more than 500 liters in the last, month we ran out of Testosterone Acetate for a small batch and so have made our very popular 345mg blend that we made for you guys before to get us by the next week.

As I said, it’s easy to lob criticisms at big companies because they are easily susceptible to negative press. A recent steroid blog post claims that Axio promoted a single-use Ampoule without ever producing it.

The facts remains that the single-use Amp in question has been on the market for quite a while. This is something that an informed writer would know. It’s very important to do your research before putting pen to paper.

When the goal of the company is to improve and preserve human life, the smartest thing to do is work hard, but not without purpose. Axio knew what it could do to stem the problem and it was handled. There were no shortcuts made and full disclosure was the norm.

This all leads back to the lab being fully GMP-compliant. It’s not every day that you see such honesty on the internet, spelled out for everyone to see.

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