Axio Needs To Be Stopped !

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Axio Needs To Be Stopped !

I have known for a while that Axio has been on a downward cycle ( no pun intended), but I did not know to what extent.

This makes me MAD , because I have actually put this stuff in my body.  I had seen the results from years back of a good amount of water in there products, and I also know that  1/100 of the amount that was in there, should be there.

But I have to end this shit now, with the help of my readers make it known, that unless Brian steps up his quality and sanitary guidelines, we will not buy that crap anymore.

I know some are saying that it is no big deal, well it is . I saw a friend of mine get a 104 fever from a bottle of Test that was barely contaminated ( I know there is no such thing) , but when I had it tested , the bacteria was only trace.

The problem is the body uses the accessible areas like skin to protect against such bacteria, but once it penetrates the skin, the defense are less prolific.  I was told from a current employee of the Axio Lab that the condition they work in and  the guidelines they abide by would NOT be sufficient for your average 3rd world country.

The next thought I would have is , ok, so how reliable is the word of a person who works in such a place.

So I asked and it was pretty simple “Money”. What is the root of all evil? What makes a man go crazy ( besides women). Why does Axio continue to get away with production of substandard gear.

Well hopefully they won’t anymore.


So this is where I ask the members of the steroid world to step up and end this unethical practice.

If we were a little more united this would end in days, but for the sake of unknowing rookies I hope it isn’t too much longer.  For the scum bag Forum Owners and MOD’s that took free gear to cover for them, well your time is coming real soon, and I promise you that I will post everyone of your real names and home addresses if I find out you were involved.

Trust me!

On a similar note, QV and British Dragon are both still readily sold , but both have been out of business for a long time.

This leads me to believe that most are counterfeit.  Think about it, if BD has been out of business for around 3 years now, how much could they possibly have made in those last months?  Enough where many sources still claim to carry their products.

I know of one Poland based supplier that sold me a bottle of BD Test that had a top that BD NEVER used, it was still good gear but why lie when you have quality products anyway.

QV does not exist anymore especially if it is coming from China ( also I haven’t heard of any deal with QV selling the rights to their name).  My point being is I am very skeptical on any source that has to make products with no longer existing companies on the label, what are they hiding?

I have a few more to cover this week, one of which is going to make me very unpopular but my responsibility isn’t to dirt bag sources, it is to my readers.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions at [email protected]  .

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  1. newgoal says:

    ip china is producing the bd and qv line guys see today, very sketchy

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