Applied Pharmacy ” Another Political Motivated Scapegoat”

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Applied Pharmacy ” Another Political Motivated Scapegoat”

I know that many of you read about this 3 or so years ago, but did you read what they wanted you to believe or the truth.

I was contacted by someone involved and have received a lot of new information the uncovers many unjust details.

For those who do not know the story, a pharmacy, Applied Pharmacy, was raided by DEA agents, they came through the door guns drawn on a State Licensed Facilty.

Now my first question is if they were practicing illegal transaction or even immoral practices then why were they able to get the License in the first place?

So we have a Pharmacy that fills legal Prescriptions ( as far as they are concerned ), so why were upstanding Pharacist being treated like average crack dealers, as a matter of fact one of said Pharmacist were placed in a cell with a drug dealer.

This seems fitting for a group of professionals that all they really did was fill  prescriptions that were written by Licensed Doctors.

But for some reasons it became the job of these selected few to be the Doctors’ Board of Ethics. Almost all of the patients receiving Testosterone , had all the proper labs.

By definition , they were just doing their job.

Well these co-workers all were charged with Conspiracy to distribute a Controlled Substance.

By State and Federal Law , it is not illegal as long as a Licensed Physcian presribes such, and to that point none of these Doctors had lost their right to practice medicine, so everything involved was legal.

This is where it gets interesting, I was informed that they also compounded Suboxone, but by some sort of Trademark agreement only the nmae brand version is allowed to be prescribe for the purpose of preventing drug (opiate) cravings.

It is also speculated that the local inspector of pharmacies had been in contact with the company that has such trade mark.

This happens to also be an inspector that had harassed this certain Pharmacy several times after an argument that occurred years before.

This sounds fishy, and unethical on behalf of the inspector and whoever made it a priority to go after professionals that were just doing their job.

I understand going after the Doctors, especially if they were misusing their powers, but never in my life have I ever heard of a pharmacist being responsible for the Physcian, and whether they are properly dianosing such conditions.

Pharmacist are not trained for such.

As I sit here I feel like this is a gross misuse of power and that several Constitutional Rights are being stepped on,  John Adams is rolling in his grave over this.

First off how do the Agents that raided feel they needed to point a gun at a pregnant Pharmacy Tech.

How do they offer plea bargain without charges actually pending, and finally how badly did they distort the truth to get a Grand Jury to press charges after a few attempts.

None of this seems legal or moral , and yet it is a department of our Government getting away with this.

We need to voice our opinion, the last time I checked , all members of our Government are civil servants , not above the law with the ability to make up the laws as they go along.

This could happen to any of us, and with these political witch hunts we are unable to receive a fair trial.

Something needs to be done and now , before we end up with a tryranical Government that no longer follows the democratic process.

I am asking all  my readers to support the victims of this unlawful acts, stand up and speak your mind, it is still one of Rights isn’t it?

Please feel fre to send any comments or Questions to [email protected] . Thank you.

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