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Ansomone – a popular high-quality drug, which main active substance is recombinant growth hormone (rHGH), the structure of which is fully consistent with that of the human. The amino acid sequence of the hormone (191 amino acids) is identical to human growth hormone. Ansomone production is localized in China. This drug is produced by one of the leading companies specializing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and healthcare products – AnkeBio (Anhui Anke Biotechology (Group) Co., Ltd.).

This drug has a very high prevalence, making it popular not only in China but throughout the world.

Ansomone has been issued in the form of freeze-dried product, intended for further dilution in a special solution for injection. Release forms of the drug: 2 IU – vial, 4 IU – vial, 4.5 IU – vial, 6 IU – vial, 10 IU – vial, 16 IU – vial.

An interesting fact is that in the synthesis of growth hormone for Ansomone, it is used bioengineering techniques: growth hormone is produced by Escherichia coli with modified genotype. Although it sounds quite threatening – this mode of production is the most secure of all that ever existed.

Ansomone Effects and Results

Growth hormone in expressed degrees promotes bone and cartilage tissue growth, and can also affect the growth of muscle fibers, though the effect is less pronounced. Incidentally, the action of growth hormone does not cover the entire body, but only on the field, endowed with receptors thereto. For example, it is clearly evident in patients with acromegaly: they may not have impressive muscle mass (although the reverse is more common), but they do have “strong” backbone, wide wrist and pronounced eyebrows.

Regarding the growth hormone was conducted countless investigations, during which it was found the following:

  • The most important finding of this preparation revealed was its penchant for potentiation of growth in children suffering from its delay. Based on statistics, the use of Ansomone in this field takes the first position.
  • Ansomone somewhat alters energy metabolism, shifting energy consumption from proteins and carbohydrates in favor of subcutaneous fat, breaking down into fatty acids. In short, the growth hormone is able to burn fat, even in the absence of an appropriate diet.
  • Somatotropin greatly increases insulin release, thereby amplifying multiple protein and carbohydrate products digestion.
  • Also Ansomone can affect the growth and regeneration of cartilage. This feature makes it popular among athletes because it helps to reduce multiple injuries during workouts and speed the healing after injury.
  • Growth hormone to some extent cause muscle hypertrophy, although not at the expense of protein and collagen cells. As a result, contractile ability of muscles do not grow, but only their volume increases. It is also an appropriate example of a man patient with acromegaly, his muscles have a large volume, but their strength is equal to that of the average of untrained person.
  • Ansomone may slightly slow down the aging process, as well as serve as a prevention of diseases associated with it. For example, this drug is extremely effective when there is a reducing of strength of bones and osteoporosis.
  • The hormone is involved in the regulation of lipid or fat Omena, thereby reducing the level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and serum cholesterol.
  • It promotes the development of antibodies and cells that “eat” and digest foreign particles (toxins, dead cells, etc.) the so-called macrophages. By taking somatropin, it increases the immune system and the body’s ability to fight infections.
  • Ansomone successfully cope with the treatment of abnormally low levels of protein in the human body – hypoproteinemia. Frequent causes of the disease are malabsorption, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, an insufficient protein intake.

Coming to a conclusion, we can conclude – the growth hormone affects the deeper levels of human metabolism, allowing an athlete to build muscle and at the same time getting rid of the fat reserves. Since then, the growth hormone got into the hands of bodybuilders and other athletes – it has become a popular combination with anabolic-androgenic steroids. The main motive of this strategy, athletes consider the ability of growth hormone to strengthen joints, ligaments and muscle tissue, which are suffering from soaring sharply because of the power indicators of steroids.

The reasons for the lack of effect of Ansomone

Of course, even if Ansomone is a powerful drug – not all athletes have received from its usage a tangible effect. The reasons for this may be many, but the best solution is to mention the most common ones:

  • The use of growth hormone “solo”. Due to the fact that after the injection of hormone, the body begins to demand more sex hormones, insulin, and thyroid hormones – its application without exogenous analogs will be less effective than them.
  • Excessive amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. It is known that a large amount of glucose significantly affects the growth hormone, giving it an overwhelming influence. In part, this is one of the reasons for the additional insulin injections on Ansomone cycle.
  • Application of pharmacological agents that reduce the secretion of growth hormone. It may be a substance like atropine, and some pain killers here, psychostimulants and neuroleptics agents.
  • Buying a fake drug – a common cause of lack of effectiveness. That is why it is worth to buy Ansomone from trustworthy suppliers or in the pharmacy.
  • Insufficient use of the drug or too low dosage. These reasons for the lack of efficiency are very common, as the Ansomone prices are not the most accessible. Therefore, it is best to review and assess your financial capabilities and do not let your money away.

Ansomone Cycle

To begin with, it is recalled that persons under twenty years old, should avoid the use of growth hormone, as it can be fraught with the development of asymmetry in the skeleton. Also Ansomone is dangerous for diabetics, because of its ability to increase glucose levels.

Starting a cycle of growth hormone, first by applying a small dosage. First week would be prudent, not to go beyond 5 IU a day and then gradually reach 10 IU divided into two injections per day. The optimal duration of the cycle can be up to six months. Further use of the drug, no longer makes sense, as it develops a tolerance by the body and pronounced effect gradually disappears.

Well-proven Ansomone application while taking anabolic steroids, which gives a synergistic, complementary effect. It is recommended to use long testosterone esters such as the enanthate or cypionate, and mixtures of its esters. To improve muscle relief it can be applied oxandrolone or stanazolol.

There is also a simultaneous reception of thyroxine, which not only enhances fat burning, but also removes the extra load from the thyroid gland, thus protecting it.

Injecting HGH is worth when glucose levels are low as possible. Immediately after awakening on an empty stomach and after training in the gym and at bedtime.

Ansomone Side Effects

Despite the fact that Ansomone is promoted as the only safe and effective, perfect all – in practice this is not quite true. Growth hormone can cause disturbances in thyroid function, as well as contribute to the development of diabetes. Moreover – sometimes there are phenomena of acromegaly (abnormal increase in and expansion of the bones), and in people with a fully formed organism. By using growth hormone for too long, they begin to deal with the growth of bone tissue, coarsening of facial features, and an increase in the internal organs, including the heart. Unfortunately, these side effects are irreversible and entail serious consequences. The only encouraging fact is that they can be avoided if properly approached to compile Ansomone cycle.

Also Ansomone is absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from myopia. This is due to the fact that most people with impaired vision, which get it in adolescence, due to the increased growth of the eye under the influence of growth hormone. As you know, to eighteen years growth hormone secretion is reduced, hence – the development of myopia is suspended.

As a result, short-sighted people applying Ansomone, are faced with the further development of the disease, fraught with, for example, retinal detachment and blindness.

Based on a considerable number of side effects, an athlete should think very carefully before he starts taking it. Requires proper medical supervision and appropriate financial support, as not only Ansomon is high priced, but also the support of the body during its cycle. At a minimum, it may be required weekly tests on insulin, testosterone, estradiol, and thyroid hormones.

How to distinguish a fake Ansomone from real product?

ansomone fake real

Due to the great popularity of this drug, on the market there are many fakes, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish. To make sure of the authenticity of the goods, you can check it out here. Also, please note the following external factors:

  1. Pattern, which is located on the package should not be convex.
  2. Pay attention to the date, it shall be marked with numerator and not be published together with bundle (fake).
  3. Inside the pack with bottles should be a diamond cutter in a bag. If it is not, you know what this means.
  4. On the flip-off of the vial should not be written the name of the drug – Ansomone.
  5. Closely examine the packaging, the bottle. Everything has to be high quality. For example, the lid for the container products have fake rolled up carelessly, negligently. This can be seen with the naked eye. Also, in a fake, verification sticker, which is indicated in the picture, is hidden tape with some number on the inside.

The shelf life of the drug is 2 years at +2 – +8°C. Provided that all is sealed and never revealed. Ansomone should be stored in a dark place, protected from light. The diluted solution should not be frozen in the freezer.

Where to buy legit Ansomone Online?

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