Commonly Asked Questions About Growth Hormone


Growth hormone is the big drug making lots of noise in the world of sports nutrition, anabolics, bodybuilding and lifestyle improvement. Many senior citizens are suddenly learning about growth hormone as a way to offset the effects of aging. People in their middle age are seeing it as a tool for reclaiming the vitality of youth, sexually, physically, and even mentally. Young men are discovering their performance and recovery ability is greatly improved with the use of growth hormone, making them more effective in their sport of choice as well as in performance in all areas of their life. Bodybuilders have learned that when used with other compounds, growth hormone allows them to restart some growth processes that halted years ago. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the use of growth hormone.

What happens when you use too much growth hormone?

You wear bloat – a lot of it. There is certainly a ceiling to how much positive effects you will see from a cycle. More is not better – longer periods of use are better.

Does growth hormone start working immediately?

At the cellular level, it begins its work quickly. It will take several weeks until some of the effects will be manifested to the point where you’ll begin to notice them. If you begin GH use when you begin a cycle, you’ll feel and see the effects of the testosterone long before the growth hormone starts to kick in. However, the fat burning, muscle growing and vitality improvements you see over a period of months will be far greater than you would see with a simple test cycle alone.

What kind of doses are the guys using?

Many of the top bodybuilders you see on the state and national stages use 4 to 8 IU of growth hormone per day. At the professional level, some of the smaller athletes will stick with dosages like this. However, among the top guys in the sport, who regularly break the 280+ pound muscle mark (unheard of with the previous five decades of bodybuilder), the daily dosage of growth hormone has been reputed to reach 20 IU per day – or more. Obviously, this sort of information will be under-reported. No athlete is going to brag about how much he’s doing, if he admits it at all. Most bodybuilders work hard to downplay the importance of drugs, as well as how much they are actually using.

How does growth hormone work?

First off, growth hormone helps you to get more out of the food you are already eating. Its level of assistance with protein synthesis – using the protein in the food we eat – is even higher than that of testosterone. When used together, the body uses much, much more of the protein in our food. Diet suddenly matters greatly. Growth hormone also helps to speed up the fat processing capability of the body and keep it from being produced in the first place. Amino acids are used more effectively. The body recovers faster from workouts, and grows more muscle. Growth hormone isn’t a magic drug that will turn you into a champion bodybuilder – but its presence will be found with most guys who happen to be champion bodybuilders.

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