Another Lesson Learned !!!!

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Another Lesson Learned !!!!

So I learned another lesson the past few weeks, and it was due to the fact that I love to help attempt to make this community better.

I was contacted by an owner of a new Board, and he said he likes my blog and would like to advertise on my site, when he found out that was too steep for his budget , he asked if I would stop by I did so and even gave him some free press, and later he offered me the position of Admin after a few weeks as Mod.  Then I started to recruit some good people to bring on, and they were well received.

Now over the last month I wasn’t around very much, and neither was the owner , and things started to get going on the Board that quite a few tried USA Labs and no product was ever delivered, now if it was a person or two no biggie , but I had several members PM me asking what to do. This is when I started to look into what was going on.

This is where the many signs started to be very obvious.

First off, in the beginning all Board Owner cared about was numbers, he wanted a huge Board in no time.

Next he was very quick to do give-a-ways with USA Lab products , and yet no one seemed to win. Finally all the members that PM’d me with issues with only that Lab, and all the while the Owner was gone, followed by him banishing anyone who spoke against USA Labs.

This followed by some very weird questions from members who never posted ( most likely him posing as a member to get answer ) , and then I turn around and anyone connected to me was no longer a MOD. Interesting I thought, so I sat down and did a lot of research on this person.

Nothing came up.

He supposedly owns a gym in Florida yet , seems to have very little money when it comes to his board, like the time I offered to write Steroid Profiles for him and he was overwhelmed by the price ( which was much lower than I normally charge ).

All in all I should have learned from my mistake on another Board , that anyone willing to overlook quality for quantity is bad for business.

So please put on your scammers list , along with his USA Labs on that site.

On a better note , I am proud to introduce a new Advertiser , , he is a friend of mine and glad to see him up and running.

This is a man that was involved with some well known sources and decided to go on his own.  Check him out , quick T/A times , can’t say enough about him. Good Luck my Bro.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] , thank you.


  1. AC says:

    Dr.Z you may be the 2nd comming D.D., See if Bill Philips wants to start another magazine up.LOL.Time consuming for you and we apreciate the hard work you put in.

  2. paul says:

    Great Post!

    Yes, good forums and good honest blogs like this one is really all the community has to protect it against would-be scam artists. Too bad about that USA labs, but great that you caught on to him!

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