Andrei Arlovski 360, Episode 1

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Andrei Arlovski 360, Episode 1

Here is a little snap shot of the HBO 24/7 series “Andrei Arlovski 360″. I absolutely love hype videos like this. I hate to say it, but the whole Rocky Balboa story line really makes a fight fan grow to like a fighter.

Before the movie, you never heard of the fighter. You watch the hype show and next thing you know, your rooting for the guy. Somehow, these shows and movies that show the background on the fighters and show the fighters’ lives and the every day grind of being a fighter, tend to make us feel like we know the fighter.

What you are seeing are the fantastic marketing skills of Arlovski’s management team. People around the world will begin to know who Arlovski is and become fans. That is how big money is being made in MMA. Urijah Faber did it on the reality TV Show he was on, and is now one of the most famous Mixed Martial Artists in the world. Here is a taste of Arlovski’s hype video.

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