Anderson Silva’s Workout and Diet

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Anderson Silva’s Workout and Diet

Anderson Silva is among few people who many claim is the best pound for pound fighter in the world. With an extremely evasive defense and pin point accurate striking ability, few fighters have even been able to go the distance with Silva. Typically Silva makes top level Mixed Martial Artists look like they have never been in a fight. How does Anderson Silva move so smoothly and strike so effortlessly? He trains hard five days a week and eats a healthy diet. Here is a breakdown of Anderson Silva’s workout regimen and diet.

A typical day starts with a 40 minute run.

Strength Training

4 times a week, Silva does 2 hour sessions of circuit training that focus on building explosive power. Silva does multiple 30 minute sets at full intensity.  The goal here is not to bulk up, but to gain speed, endurance and explosiveness.

Technique Training:

Monday: Jiu-Jitsu

Tuesday: Muay Thai

Wednesday: Boxing

Thursday and Friday: Position Specific, Combination and Repetition training.


Silva spars 2 times per week

Diet and Nutrition:

Approximately 3,000 calories per day intake

Limits Salt and Sugar

No Alcohol

Lots of Sushi and Protien

Mc Donald’s Big Mac as an occasional cheat.

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