And We Wonder Why People Think Badly Of Steroids

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And We Wonder Why People Think Badly Of Steroids

The Globe Gazette is reporting

Mason City man accused of giving son steroids

GILBERTVILLE — A Mason City man has been arrested for allegedly giving his teenage son steroids.

Black Hawk County sheriff’s deputies arrested Todd Anthony Gerleman, 44, Friday at the jail for distributing a controlled substance to a minor.

Investigators became interested in Gerleman in November 2008 after they were called to an assault that involved his 14-year-old son, according to records.

The boy had allegedly assaulted his mother at her Gilbertville home Nov. 19, and officers who responded found a syringe and 105 pills in the boy’s bedroom, court records state.

The teen told authorities his father gave him the pills during an earlier weekend visitation, records state.

The father “admitted to bringing the needle and pills from his residence … and supplying them to ‘motivate’ his son about sports,” according to court records.

A test by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation determined the pills were methandrostenolone, which is an anabolic steroid, according to court records.

— Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier

So as a man of science and of somewhat intelligence, I can’t even imagine of thinking of such a stupid idea, even if I happened to be drunk and high on crack. So the fact that a sober ( at least we think he was sober) man came up with this idea, and then thought it was a good idea, bewilders me.

This is all coming from a pro steroid point of view, and my view is that all this moron did was give the anti-steroid population more fuel to throw on the fire. I don’t give a flying f%ck what the purpose is, no one under 18 should ever use steroids and my personal belief is no one under 25 should use anabolic steroids ( unless a pro athlete), but that is what really makes steroids scary, that stupid people have the same amount of access to them as smart and reasonable people do.

So I say to all men and women lets not stop importation of steroids to the USA, no my friends lets stop importing steroids to the stupid members of this society. Now the idea isn’t like an academic test, no just a common sense test should be sufficient.

We don’t need anymore haters involved in the equation.

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