A Tale Of Two Delusional Football Teams

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A Tale Of Two Delusional Football Teams

The Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals are in a state of delusion.  Each team thinks they are making the right moves without spending loads of cash.  Each one is wrong.

The situations in Washington and Arizona are far more complicated than the proclamation, “We aren’t spending a lot of money”.  They have Quarterback issues—big ones.

The Cardinals have Matt Leinart and they just signed Derek Anderson.  The Redskins have Jason Campbell and the #4 overall pick in the draft.  Oh, and they revamped their entire coaching staff/front office.

I think these teams are forgetting some of the inherent problems that come with screwing around at the Quarterback position.  I know the Redskins don’t THINK they’re screwing around, but they are.

The Cardinals are definitely screwing around and we’ll start in Phoenix. This is the place where they’ve got the wrong idea now that Kurt Warner is gone.

Derek Backup?

Derek Anderson was quoted the other day as saying that he knows he’ll backup Matt Leinart.  In fact, he seemed ok with it.

This is interesting on three levels:

1.    Leinart hasn’t done a thing.  His Heisman Trophy doesn’t stand up to what Derek Anderson has shown he’s capable of.
2.    Anderson is the new signee and he doesn’t think there will even be a fake “competition” for the starting job?  That’s just strange.
3.    Haven’t we seen this movie already?

Matt Leinart came to Arizona and he was supposed to be the Heisman-winning savior at Quarterback.  He played a little and bombed-out.  They had Kurt Warner in to “mentor” him and Warner ended up starting, taking the team to a Super Bowl, and cementing his Hall of Fame legacy.

Are we filming a sequel sub-titled “It’s Always Brown in Arizona”?  I don’t get it.  If you’re taking Derek Anderson and signing him it surely isn’t to backup Leinart.

Did they tell him to say that in the media so Leinart wouldn’t be freaked out?  Did he—out of the goodness of his own heart—say that to ease Leinart’s nerves, to have a fair competition.

I like Ken Whisenhunt, but the more he screws around at this position the worse it’s going to get.  That Super Bowl appearance will look like dream instead of reality.

Jason Campbell’s Coaching Carousel

Jason Campbell has had about a zillion coaches since he was starring at Auburn.  I’d put up a count, but I don’t have that kind of time.  No, seriously.

He’s changed offensive coordinators and head coaches all too often and now he’s on the carousel again.  This time he’s got Mike Shanahan at the helm.

Mike Shanahan SHOULD be a more stable coach for Campbell.  In fact, this may be the most stability he’s ever had.  However, as nice as that sounds we’ve got a problem.

The Redskins have scheduled a workout with Sam Bradford.  Yep, that Sam Bradford.  Yep, he plays Quarterback AND he missed practically all of last season.

Now Jason Campbell is in another “state of change”.  He has to wonder if the Redskins are going to draft this kid and jettison HIM.  Remember, Campbell was a high draft pick himself.

Campbell has value and I’m sure he understands that, but this really isn’t cool.  Campbell has never had a chance to get comfortable in Washington.

He ran a “Cracker Jack” offense last season and now he might be replaced?  What will they base the move on—the work he’s done in a constant state of flux?

I like Mike Shanahan, I really do, but he may make a thousand good moves only to mess this one up.  It’s that simple.

The question then becomes:

Do we think Mike Shanahan is SO good that he can give up on one 1st-Round QB to take another who isn’t a guarantee AND win RIGHT NOW?

What’s The Lesson Here?

You can change everything, hold people accountable, and have a slick PR department.  BUT!

At the end of the day you have to make fluid plans that don’t mess with your team’s leadership.  What if Jason Campbell is the only good thing going in Washington and you replace him?

What if Derek Anderson is the “answer” in Arizona and Matt Leinart’s time is up?  What if Larry Fitzgerald was all he needed to become a star?  What if…

It makes me wonder if Mike or Ken have thought this thing through.

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