A Look Into My Crystal Ball

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A Look Into My Crystal Ball

Hey, all you wrestling fans. I thought since this was the beginning of a new year that I would start off with my predictions for the year ahead.


First of all DX will finally be all together again. Shawn Michaels will return to the squared circle and not just as the Commissioner, but as a full-fledged member and co-leader of DX. Michaels will also regain the championship title this probably from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Steve Austin will regain the coveted world title at Wrestlemania this year. He will continue to be a thorn in Vince McMahon’s side and it may be a kind of relief for the boss when Michaels regains the title. Stone Cold won’t go quietly into the night, however. I see a see-saw battle for the title to continue between Austin and Michaels well into next year.

Groups such as the JOB squad and the Oddities will cease to remain popular and will eventually fade out completely. Whereas the Brood will rise in popularity due to its Gothness. Sable will also have a tremendous year as Women’s champ with her reign possibly ending after a match with Chyna.


This reuniting of the Wolfpac will not last as long as many may believe. Hogan will leave the nWo to become the good guy, Hulk Hogan we all knew and loved. Hulkmania will most likely rise again so Hogan can leave on a good note. Sting not wanting to be a part of this new nWo, I expect will go back to the Sting of old and I don’t mean the Crow-like one.

Since Savage’s return to WCW will side him with WCW, it would be most likely that Savage and Hogan would reunite forming the old tag team for which they became famous in the WWF. Elizabeth is likely to alse be by their sides.

Flair and the 4 Horsemen will continue to rise in popularity. I foresee the possible removal on Mongo sometime this year. His most likely replacemant would be Booker T.

K-Dogg join the lWo, possibly after this new found nWo reunion. The lWo needs a leader now because of Eddie’s injury and who would be better than the man who shouts “ARRIBA LA RASA!!!”

These are just my predictions and not facts. But if you aren’t down with them. Well I got two words for ya S*CK IT!!!

Note: These are only my opinions and not meant to be taken to be as true. No one can predict the future or can they.


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