Prince Iaukea Interview

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Prince Iaukea

Prince Iaukea Interview

You are now known as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea,” or as someone I know calls you, the acronym. How do you like this change in gimmick?

Iaukea: I enjoy it, I’m enjoying it right now. I spent about 16 months just trying to get on TV and do something. This is a lot of fun, it’s all I’ve ever asked for.

How long is this title reign going to last? You’ve been taking on all sorts of competition.

PI: Well, I don’t really consider it competition. I haven’t met up with anyone yet who has given me any real competition. Hopefully sometime down the line I can into someone who can. I hear there’s a new guy in town, Candido. We’ll see about him.

Are you happy with WCW management right now?

PI: I guess so. They are doing a little bit with me, so that’s what I wanted for about a year and a half now. As far as my role, I’m happy with what they’re doing. I can see where a lot of people may not be as happy with them and where the big bosses may not be as happy also.

Here’s some word association now… Scott Steiner

PI: Vicious.

Kevin Sullivan

PI: Mellowed out.

Vince McMahon

PI: Genius.


PI: Very entertaining. I dig HHH.

Mick Foley

PI: Fabulous.

Did you ever meet Mick?

PI: I’ve never met him. A couple of years ago, some guys told me that he was doing a little indy show in a bar in North Georgia. I totally blew it off, because why would he be there? I’ve always liked him but never figured he’d be there. He was there. I missed my chance.

Owen Hart

PI: I was saddened by that. I’ve always liked Bret and Owen but I’ve always really liked Owen because I appreciated his work ability. I always had a liking for him even though I never knew him. It was a real real sad situation and I feel bad for his family.

If you were on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” who would your lifeline be?

PI: Well, probably Vince McMahon.

Who would win in a fight between you and me?

PI: I’d win.

If Fred Flintstone knows that the ribs are going to flip his car over, how come he orders them everytime?

PI: (laughs) You know, I could ask a similar question about some patterns of other things…

Do you miss Chris Benoit?

PI: Yeah, I sure do. I enjoyed being around Chris, Dean, Perry, and Eddy.

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