A Few Tips For A Safer Cycle

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A Few Tips For A Safer Cycle

I know that I always point out the fact that if you take the proper precautions it is unlikely to have an issue with side effects.

But the matter of fact is they still can happen.

With that known, I believe the best offense is a good defense.  I think a proactive approach will work best.

So lets look at some of the most common issues.

Acne seems to be the ugliest of issues , literally.

This is a result of over production of your sebaceous glands, which is normally a result of androgenic sides.

Me personally I just keep alcohol pads on me, this may over dry your skin but I rather over dry then pimpled severely.

I also recommend a acne body wash, there are several on the market.

I know some experts recommend taking Propecia to counter the conversion of Test to DHT.

Another very common issue is Elevated Blood Pressure, this is normally from an increased amount of estrogen in the system, which is followed by water and salt retention.

The increase in blood pressure can also be directly linked to the higher frequency of strenuous activity ( increased intense work outs). My simple advise is get your blood pressure checked out 2-3 times a week, owning a blood pressure cuff is the easiest way. Any notice of constant higher readings and I would try a diuretic and if that doesn’t work , see a doctor.

A big worry of mine is increased time for a blood clot to form, which means if you get cut, certain steroids can make it blood clotting time increase.

The best defense is to have your emergency contact know you are on steroids and which ones.

This way if anything happens they can inform the appropriate people.

Try to avoid anything that can thin out your blood any more , like Tylenol.

Gynecomastia is a side that no male really wants.

Bigger boobs only seem attractive on women, so we need to make sure we are always prepared for gyno.

I like to always have Nolvadex on hand, I keep at least a few hundred on hand at all times.

This allows me to jump on it as soon as any gyno sides flare up. I also stick to shorter esters, because I am sensitive to gyno, and the shorter esters are normally less likely to cause estrogen issues.

People use many different SERMs and AIs to fight gyno, but I personally just go with 20 mgs of Nolvadex every other day or every third day. This will still allow for some estrogen, remember some estrogen is needed to put on mass.

With that I will stop for today but will continue tomorrow, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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Thank you.

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