8 Reasons Why You Can’t Gain Weight

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8 Reasons Why You Can’t Gain Weight


Those are all myths. Gaining weight is just about RELATIVE eating; eating more than you currently are. I know you think you’re eating a lot, but you’re still not eating enough. Otherwise you wouldn’t be skinny. Metabolisms and genetics don’t have THAT much control over you. Read on.

The 8 main reasons why you are a ‘hard gainer’ are:

1. Lack of Food: Write down your daily calorie intake – trust me, you’re not eating as much as you think you are. Make sure you’re actually eating at ALL possible times.

2. Wrong Food Choices: Foods like salads and vegetables in general, are healthy, but won’t make you put on weight. You need extremely calorie dense foods like pasta & nuts, or even ‘junk’ food if your serious about bulking up.

3. Too much activity: If your looking to put on weight, and you do very active things in your day, you’ll just be burning all your calories, and thus, not gaining weight.

4. Training wrong: You’re not gonna put on muscle by doing isolation exercises like bicep curls. You will, however, if you do compound exercises like squats and deadlifts.

5. Avoiding fat gains: It’s extremely hard to gain weight without first getting a bit of fat. It’s so hard that it usually leads to nowhere. The better idea would be to gain the fat first, then get the muscle, and THEN lose the fat.

6. Forgetting to be consistent: You will fail if you don’t consistantly work out, and always fulfil your calorie needs for each day.

7. No Faith: You think because you’ve been skinny all your life, you’ll never be able to change, and this isn’t helped by the fact that you believe that it’s because of your genetics.

8. Hopeless: You’ve lost all motivation because of these points.


Now onto the ‘meat’ of this article, HOW to gain weight if you’re a ‘hard gainer’.

You have to set yourself your calorie intake for each day, and aim to reach this each and every day. Find out how many calories you’ll need and reach this each day (most hard gainers need 5000 kcal +/day).

This may sound hard to reach, but a great way to help you each day with this is to drink a lot of milk throughout the day. Another tactic is to eat every 3 hours. Yes, every 3 hours. Even before you sleep.

This should be your meal plan:

  • Breakfast
  • Snack
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Post Workout
  • Dinner
  • Pre bed

Make sure you’re eating the right kinds of foods aswell. Salads and vegetables just won’t do it for you – eat a lot of pasta, a lot of rice and also, a lot of rice would help too. And also, remember to EAT before you take a drink. This is because sometimes your body makes the mistake of making you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty. So use this opportunity to get some easy eats in without the feeling of ‘forcing’ yourself to eat. This is not to say you won’t have to force yourself at times, because you will. Remember, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the more you eat, the more you gain.

Follow these rules for 3 months, and you’ll realize you’re not a hard gainer at all. You just need to be consistent. Who can be skinny after eating 5000 kcal +/day for 3 months straight? Be consistent, and you’ll be rid of your skinny look forever.

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