8 Reasons to Exercise

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8 Reasons to Exercise

If you keep complaining of how other things in life are keeping you busy, this is just another excuse to keep yourself away from exercise. Of course, there are a lot many people out there who are over loaded with responsibilities like a tough job, taking care of the family, studying at night school, etc. After an exhausting week like this, only the weekends are left for some personal space, where no one is willing to spend it on exercise.

However, you should consider working out on weekends, as some exercise is always better than no exercise at all. You will be surprised to know that even working out for two days in a week can surely bring about muscle building results.

Still wondering how this is possible? Simply follow the guide below:

  1. Visit the gym with an excitement for weight training and challenge rather than for gaining quick muscles. In this way, your outlook towards exercising would be more affirmative, and everything that would follow this routine would continue till the end.
  2. If you have not seen any changes in your body before, and have quit exercising because of this reason, you should try maximizing your efforts and you will be able to see the difference in any body part with 30 minutes of exercise or even in less time than this.
  3. To get your exercise routine on track, work out on chest, back and deltoids on Saturday. You can work on the legs, triceps and biceps on Sunday.
  4. To gain optimum benefits from each exercise, you must warm up your body thoroughly, give attention to each muscles while working out, perform a complete array of motion, increase your sets, try not to fool yourself by cheating and on the final set, go for a broke.
  5. Three varied exercises of four pyramided sets each are more than enough for the development of each body part.
  6. You need to understand that your exercise must be free of weight and should be performed in multiple movements. If you have time later on, you can work out with heavy machines.
  7. If you are seriously interested in building your body, you will surely see numerous opportunities in your weekly schedule. For instance, if you are permitted one hour for lunch during your working hours, try making it in the gym. This offers you a lot of time to concentrate on body-part exercises. You can even workout at night, if you don’t get time during the day time.
  8. Once you add up your weekend workout sessions, you will have an entire three day program after combining these small workouts during the weekdays. After you first attempt, your exercise routine will fall in place and you will not even be late in coming home on weekdays.

Exercising depends completely on your dedication and the way you prioritize it. You must try it for a month at least. If you follow it properly through an entire month, you will surely follow it for the times to come.

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