Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout

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Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout

Triceps Workout for BodybuildersIn order to have stronger arms, it’s not enough to train only your biceps, which has already been discussed before in the “Bigger Biceps Workout”. If your aim is to add a more serious size to your arms, then you need to pay attention to your triceps as well. Have you seen any bodybuilder with small arms? Build the arms everybody dreams of. The main muscle working during the following exercises is triceps. They are really effective, as they can make youк arms look huge.

Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout 1

Lying on an incline bench with your face up and holding a dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms so, that they become perpendicular to your body. Starting from this position, bend the elbow until your biceps contact with your forearms. Then return the hands to the starting position. Note, that your elbows should be kept motionless. You may also do this exercise using an EZ bar.

Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout 2

Lying on a flat bench, hold a barbell with your hands with a close grip. Lower the bar until it reaches your chest. Your arms should be close to your sides. Then lift the barbell back with only your triceps pushing it up. This exercise also provides your chest muscle with a good work.

Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout 3

Sit on the bench with your hands grasping its side. Support the weight of your body with your hands. Then bend your elbows so, that you lower body lowers to the floor. Mind, that your forearms and your upper arms should form a 90-degree angle, when bent. Then raise the body up to the initial position by straightening your arms. You can also use another bench about 3 to 4 feet apart from the first one to lift your feet to its top, so that your body “hangs” between the two benches. Another way to give your triceps more work is to place some weight on your upper legs.

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Lying on a flat bench hold a short bar with a narrow overhand grip. Extend your arms by holding the bar over the forehead. Then bend your elbow and lower the bar. When bending the elbows, you should go down to your forehead. Then extend your arms back to the start position. Make sure, that your elbows are fixed and don’t move throughout the exercise.

Get Those Strong Arms. Triceps Workout 5

This exercise requires using a high pulley machine. Lie on an incline bench facing away from the machine. Hold cable attachments overhead with an overhand narrow grip. Your arms should almost form one line with your torso. Keep your elbows stationary. Then extend your arms until they are parallel to the floor and slightly return to the starting position.

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