40 People Arrested

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40 People Arrested

Police arrested 40 people on Wednesday morning in a major steroid raid. This shows a country-wide organization of steroids and money laundering in Sweden.

Police raided 9 locations in Sweden – Malmö, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Örebro, Eskilstuna, Stockholm, Sollefteå, Örnsköldsvik and Umeå.

In total around 300 police officers and a large number of officials from the prosecutor’s office, customs, tax and bailiffs were involved in the raid.

The action is known as “Operation” Liquid “and described as a national effort against serious doping offenses. The operation was carried out during The government’s mission in the fight against serious organized crime, according to a press release from police.

Raids across the country will have “Hedged asset or property financed by crime” and police say they have made “substantial and significant seizure” from the searches.

– Large quantities of doping substances have been seized, but also money, computers and documents, says Christer Johansson, spokeswoman for police in Västernorrland, for DN.se.

The background to the country-wide operation goes back to last spring when a customs officer discovered a mysterious package at the airport. The package turned out to contain a large amount of growth hormone.

– Since the package was intended for a receiver in Västernorrland the case was handed over to the narcotics police in Sundsvall, who then ran the investigation in conjunction with Customs.

During the summer, the investigation grew and after a few months, more forces were brought in.

– We heard about other traders through, inter alia, interception. The investigation became more and more widespread – in the end was all over Sweden involved with investigations further in Europe.

40 people were arrested on Wednesday. The police conducted house searches and arrests at nine locations in Sweden during the morning hours. The greatest effort is reported to have been made in Karlstad, Orebro and Umeå. Of the 40 people who were arrested on Wednesday about ten were residents of Örebro and Karlstad, nine men and four women arrested. Classification of Offenses are drug offense. According to police, most of those arrested were bodybuilders.

Investigative material shows an organized and extensive business dealing in illegal substances across the country. The activity is reported to have netted large amounts of cash.

Police said additional arrests will still occur and a number of people will be called for questioning.

Source: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/razzia-doping-tullen-operation-liquid-1.1010782

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