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World-pharma Apologizes

So like I stated , I hold everyone accountable to their actions, so before I write up the final word on the blackmail issues.

After reading all the e-mails I realized that Deuce was not the issue, he was just stuck in the middle and I made WP take a look at that.

So I did help re-write this due to the language barrier, so all could understand.

Here is what message was passed on to me by the owners of

To all our cutomers  , friends and especially Deuce,

We would like to apologize for all the issues and inconvenience this situation has caused.

Our intent was never to have this out come.

First I need to apologize to Deuce, as Dr. S has brought to our attention, that your involvement was not the cause of our issues.

You accused us of send bad gear, we do not own Asia Pharm, so if the bottle was tainted , we wanted to fix it. But it was not the product of our own misdeeds.

However , we did want to resolve the matter, so we did offer you free gear for the proposed issue.

 So I do hope you forgive us, and if there is anything wee can do , with the exception of 30,000 dollars worth of gear ( just joking),  seriously if there is anything we can do to fix the problems this incident has caused.

To our customers, we apologize for our biggest mistake, threatening to hand Deadweight’s address over to Customs.

Understand we did not do this and would never do this, it would serve little purpose.

Let us explain , though no explanation will make it right, we were pushed in a corner by Deadweight’s attempt to blackmail us and the threat of losing so much money and all but destroying our company caused us to panic and thought if we sent that e-mail he would back off. I understand we have lost the respect and faith of some of our loyal customers, and understand this is our punishment for what we did, but we hope to win that back over time.

One more time I want to assure you WE WOULD NEVER HAND ANYONE”S ADDRESS TO CUSTOMS, it would do more damage to our business than it would the person.

We should not have sunk to Deadweight’s level, and understand that now. Dr. S explained we had to be held accountable for our actions , so we wanted to step forward and take responsibility for this.

Finally we want to apologize to all the friends of ours that had to stand up for us. Though most of the rumors are false , we did make a stupid threat that should have been handled better.

We would also like to thank the friends that did come to help, and for this we owe you all.  We are not saying the bottle was tainted , or that it wasn’t. We would like to test the bottle so if it was we can take the issue up with the company.

So if  Deuce is willing we would like to test it or have a third party do so. This is very important to make sure if there is an issue , it will not be repeated.

Thank you all , and once again sorry to all.

I want to thank WP for coming forward and doing the above . It rare that people in our community take responsibility for their own actions , so I applaud them.

No it does not erase their mistake but it is a start, a good start.

Please feel free to comment on the situation or anything else at [email protected] .

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