Who Should Be My Next Target

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Who Should Be My Next Target

As I sat here today I realized that I have so many sources I would like to take aim at , but I know in certain aspects I am wasting my time.

The following days after AR and I wrote articles that axio is garbage ( a point that AR has made clear for a long time ), I came a cross at least 10-15 reasons why Axio is better now, they blamed it on an ex-employee, they blamed the sources selling their gear, they said the dog ate, every excuse under the sun. Now the funny part is that it wasn’t Brian saying these things, nope it was MOD’s of several well known boards, and as of yesterday none worked for Axio.

Let me correct myself , none of these men actually work in the Axio Lab ( if you can call it that). This really disturbed me, why are these guys going to bat for Axio, my only thought is they get paid off to do so, what dirt bags.

I use to like Axio’s Gear, but have learn too much about them to ever use it again, so I can’t imagine anyone being such a big fan that they are in denial about all this talk.  So my question for these MOD’s is how much is your self respect worth? How much money (or gear) does it take to send the members of your forums ( who your suppose to educate and protect) down the river? Well, no matter how much because hopefully we will find out soon how much will it take for you to stop such improprieties.  I want you to have to face the members you have screwed over, to face the members you banned because they didn’t like a certain sources gear.

Well ther are more sources to come and I actually have an e-mail message from one of BB.com’s MOD’s admitting to taking money to keep a source going, and I have much research to do but I will find out to tell the world your a scum bag. That’s all I have for today but more to come tomorrow.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] , thank you.

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