Where I Stand A Year Later.

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Where I Stand A Year Later.

So I took a few weeks off, not because I needed it but because I wanted to re-evaluate my goals and why I started this a year ago. I needed to make sure I was staying the course and was being true to my original cause.

I read over all my posts ( some I couldn’t believe a man with a degree as I have, wrote some sub-par crap, while others were way beyond my writing ability), and what you should know is I am a math guy, never was much for the english end of the world.

Never got into creative writing, and other then the basics you must know to survive college an post-grad (even some that I don’t have ) , I am not fluent.

I was told of a saying within the writers world from AR, and that is ” The first million words we write are crap” , after that we start to get going ( I’m about 600,000 words in ). Well in my case i started from ground zero, so my first 2 million words might suck and I am perfectly fine with such.

I started this journey because I love what steroids can do for people if used properly ( young and old ) , and I HATE the  stereotype attached to the use of steroids.

So many thought to be common knowledge ideas about steroids are actually false.

The problem with stereotypes are , they aren’t easily swayed regardless of the facts you present.

My Uncle is a good example , I have shown him medical studies that are from well known universities, that state the benefits of certain steroids, and he has listened somewhat, but still feels I am a fanatic.  The thing is  I am willing to debate this with anyone as long as they come with fact, not myths or half-truths.

I am a man of science , I need fact to believe anything (with the exception of Love , I do love my gf dearly, and God , all else is fair game), or first hand experience, and I have quite a bit of first hand experience with anabolics, so come one , come all.

How am I different then any other blogger on this topic? I had to take a long hard look to see how I was different, and for the most part I am not that different, I have an opinion and I stand behind it. What makes me different then most of the well known bloggers is, I will never make my living doing this , I have a job, and this means dollar signs will NEVER sway my opinion.

The one other reason I am different is I don’t care about public opinion, so I don’t mind doing something that might get me dragged through the mud. I will always stand for the little guy in this game , especially since the little guy ( recreational user ) makes up most of our communities population.

So I look forward to another year of good things and meeting good people, I owe a special thanks to AR for help guiding me through the first year, and handing me stories at times, people may think bad of him , but I don’t know anyone that works harder to improve the steroid community or that scares the scumbags more, so much so a few want to sue him about a book they haven’t read, really.

How can you sue someone without reading unless you know you have committed undesirable acts.

So anyone  suing AR probably has something to hide.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] . Thank you’

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