What Steroids Mix

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What Steroids Mix

This is a frequently asked question for newcomers to the steroid world.

 Can I mix Test and _____(place any steroid there)? Well I think this is a good question, it means the person is paying attention to safety.

 But as far as my personal experience takes me I have never had an issue mixing Test and anything, with the exception of Test Suspension ( because it wasn’t mixed properly).  But there are similar issues to take into account.

 Like never take 2 or more anabolic steroids that you have never injected before, because if one of them causes a reaction, you won’t know which steroid to discontinue or to cut down the mgs of.  This is one of the main reasons you do a Test only first cycle, but if you have taken Test Ent. before a few times and you decide to take Test Ent. and EQ this cycle, if your first shot causes you problems, then most likely the issue is the the EQ.  I also recommend you stick with a name brand that is quality and reliable, this can also help to avoid certain issues down the road.

 With this I would like to say that more isn’t always better, I watch how some people get great results with 400 mgs of Test and want better gains so they jack up the dosage, this isn’t a good idea.

 The more you do this time means the more you have to do next cycle, and so on.  This is why I stress proper stacking as the best answer, if 400 mgs of Test worked great this time , add in 400 mgs of Deca and you should see just as good of gains.

 I also recommend, if you haven’t already, to read my blog on “Rotating Steroids”.  Also, when trying a new steroid start lower, so if you do have a bad reaction it will be minimum.

 The last thing I like to stress is put together your cycle well, know what side effects may come.

For example, if your an active athlete, stay away from steroids that weaken tendons, like Winstrol.

 Don’t use steroids that are too similar at the same time,, it is just counter-productive.

 I like to follow the rule of one steroid per steroid family at one time, like only one Test Derived, one DHT, one Nor-19.  I like one of each to cause the grand synergy effect.

 Try to watch what combinations you use, never use 2 steroids with severe side effects at the same time, I would never use Tren Acetate and Halotestin, because both can be very toxic, so once again it can be very counter-productive.

 Overall, DO THE RESEARCH, only an idiot puts something in there body without knowing what it can do.  Education is always the key, don’t be scared to ask a stupid question.

 We were all there at one time, so the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.  I’m here if you need me and good luck.

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