What A Guy That Brian W. Is ( Axio )

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What A Guy That Brian W. Is ( Axio )

To my readers, understand that before I speak the truth that I have no issue with Axio or it’s owner other then the low grade standards he has, nothing personal, but I have to look out for the Indians not the Chiefs.

Since I wrote about Axio being absolute crap, I have received e-mails from about 50 or so pissed off guys who were screwed over by Axio.

These issues ranged from getting severely sick from his gear to being offered pay offs to promote his stuff on forums.

That really disgusts me, but what I found out from a ex-friend of his was way worse.

The story goes, that Brian was running his new company out of a Cafe in England.  He called it his office and HQ , for purposes I am not quite sure since he was just another patron ( douche bag or whatever), and this is where my source met him.  He said at first it was OK, he would run little errands, like go get him some more Nubain ( it seems that BW had a huge Nubain addiction), or trying to find him illegal passports or IDs.

The original reason for this person to hang around BW is because he had promised him a job at SteroidsLive, which like most of his staements , was bullshit.  In the mean time the guy went along with it and did numerous things for BW, only to have him show his appreciation, but trying to bully him when the guy wanted out.

This is where it gets good, BW threatened the guy and didn’t stop there, nope he followed to do so to the man’s girlfriend.

I have to tell you , it takes a real bad ass to threaten a women, his parents must be soooooo proud.  This guy was a better man then me, because he did not go after BW, he decided it best to just not be around him any more.

The key to this story is the many events that the guy experienced a long the way. The list is only the tip of the iceberg but includes:

1. Paying the guy to go on certain forums and hype up Axio’s products, even though he know the quality was not there.

2. Was there in person when he bribed a MOD from a very big board, giving the MOD steroids, and money (or narcotics) in exchange for his soul, and protecting his products from bad press, deleting anyone who bashed them.

3. BW admited to another man that he doesn’t have a proper lab and it was a back room operation ( I could not research this so I am not sure of this point, but it seems fitting.


Worst of all is the fact that he is now blaming all his problems on an ex-employee, how can the owner of a company say that all his quality issues were all caused by one man ( that is impossible unless that one man is the owner). This certain man has not been an employee of Axio for quite a while now so why hasn’t all the problems disappeared? Now he is bashing this man and his new line of products, let me say that people in glass houses should NOT throw stones!

If BW feels the need to respond I would be more than happy to hear his side, but I know from doing research, that he is more likely to pay some guys off to bash my blog, and attempt to discredit me. It is a shame because if he spent have the money he does on pay offs, on improving his company, he would be better than British Dragon.

Is this a guy that you want to buy your gear from? I think not!  So I am all ears my friend, I will be waiting for your e-mail.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at [email protected] , Thank you.

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