Ways To Get Fat Out Of Your Diet! Part 1 of 2

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Ways To Get Fat Out Of Your Diet! Part 1 of 2

There’s fat in everything nowadays. In order to cut down, I’d recommend you to follow some of these techniques.

-Instead of frying your food, try different ways of cooking. These include: Grilling, Boiling, Poaching, Baking and Steaming. This is a very good tip, as it cuts down hugely in fat.

-If it is essential that you fry your food, make sure that you use a non-stick pan. The reason for this? They need a lot less oil.

-When you fry your food, instead of just liberally pouring oil into your pan, ensure that you just make the tiniest droplet of oil into the pan, and roll it around. Easier still would be to grab a kitchen towel and wipe it around. The best thing you could do in these circumstances though, would be to buy one of those low-fat sprays. One spray of the low-fat stuff will only add 1g of fat, in comparison to a droplet of oil weighing in at a hefty 15g.

-When applying margarine or butter onto bread, try to use a very thin layer. When your eating toast with another spread, such as jam, there is no need to apply butter onto the bread. It just adds unnecessary fat, and you will hardly notice the taste difference.

-When buying meat, make sure you scan all the other cuts before you make your decision to find the leanest piece. After you have purchased your meat, make sure you put it in the freezer. This turns the fat white, and makes it easier for you to locate and chop off.

-If you enjoy a mayonnaise in anything (I love tuna sandwiches), ensure that you apply a very small amount of mayonnaise. In addition to this, make sure you purchase the low-fat alternative mayonnaise, as the taste is almost exactly the same.

This concludes part 1 of 2. Watch out for part 2 coming out soon.

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