Visualize yourself Fitter

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Visualize yourself Fitter

Your mind is your most powerful friend. Visualization is an extremely important tool to strengthen your spirituality, but it can also boost your health and fitness. Obviously, it cannot build muscle, you need to push your body with weights to accomplish that, but visualization can help you to push through your physical limitations.

So how does visualization work? By using your mind, you can visualize yourself fitter. Your mind will give you all the answers you need. If you are struggling to add weight gain, for instance, visualisation will help you to find out exactly what you need to do or the right tools to build the body of your dreams. It could lead you to try out a new diet regime or find the right fitness trainer to work with who is easy to understand.

Visualization can be used to heal bodily ailments, caused through an imbalance in the chakras. When the body is unaligned through the energy systems, this is when dis-eases occur. Meditation and crystal therapy can heal the chakras and generate a positive outlook. By working on the body’s energy systems, this helps to build a stronger mindset.

As well as visualization, use affirmations to increase positivity and a powerful mind. Simple affirmations could be, ‘I am healthy and strong now’. Design the affirmations around what you want to achieve for your body. A faster way to build positive health is to ask yourself positive questions, also known as afformations. Not many people know about this concept but it makes sense to ask yourself positive questions. The mind creates our life so if we ask it positive questions, our life will become more abundant and healthy. It works for all aspects of your life, including fitness, abundance, positivity, health, compassion, absolutely anything.

To build on fitness, visualise your perfect body where you feel positively happy with yourself. How does your body look? Do you receive compliments from others? Have you lost body fat and increased muscle mass? Even if you are only in the early stages of adding lean muscle mass, it is powerful to visualize those changes to the body. This will help you keep at it. Many people give up if they do not see instant changes. Adding muscle mass is not an overnight miracle. It takes time, patience, and effort. Visualization may lead you to undertake bodyweight training exercises, plyometrics, or simple weight training or you may find the perfect partner to work with who is motivating and encouraging.

If you continue to visualize yourself fitter, over time your body will change, and you can look back and really believe that you have made that change. An increase in body mass boosts the basal metabolic system, helps the heart to grow bigger, a positive sign of increased fitness, and pushes your mind from one of negativity into positivity. Many people do not realise that their thought create their reality and visualization is a wonderful tool that we can all use to make our lives more abundant. If you struggle to push past a certain pain threshold, visualization can help you combat this.

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