Trying To Clean Up Our Community!

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Trying To Clean Up Our Community!

Ok, so yesterday I spoke up about the forum issue, and I will continue to do so, and give updates as I need them.  Now I want to continue to develop a blueprint for how we can do so. On a similar note I was called too ideological earlier today, and maybe I am, maybe I believe that if we can actually pull together, we can clean up the way we are perceived.

So thanks Big Cat for making me think about that….. To the public, even though he does not agree with my point I have extended him an invitation to express such on my blog.

I think the big issue that obviously follows the forums, is the sources.  Most of all we need to get a all mighty board that reports daily all the scammers and the straight up fakes.  The ones who never send out anything, and the ones that send oil by itself.  They need to be sent a message that this is unacceptable! Next if we can do the proper research and catch a few out, the rest will get scared, and very few will remain.

I know this isn’t going to happen overnight and it won’t be perfect, but even if we get that number down to 50 % , we did a great job.

Next we have to start holding sources to the highest standards.  That bullshit of letting certain sources selective scam because they sponsor you NEEDS TO END NOW!  Think about it from the buyer’s point of view.  What if you only made $35,000 a year and saved for months just to be able to cycle, and they get burnt, it isn’t right.  If we had a unified voice we could shut down these sources and their scumbag practices.

So I want to end on this note, and leave you to think about what I just said.

But I want all to contact me with scammer complaints, including why you felt you were scammed, and anyone else with the same issue.  All forums that you feel are doing so , also.  I will follow up myself and help to the best of my capabilities.

To do so please contact me at [email protected] . Thank you for the help cleaning things up, I can’t do it, I need you to help……

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