Towel for Neck Muscle Training

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Towel for Neck Muscle Training

Say “Hello” to your neck by reaching behind your head and feeling your hand on the back of your neck. You neck has a very important job to do and that is support your head. The muscles of the neck rotate and flex the neck backwards and forwards as well as side to side. Even when you turn your head, your neck muscles do all the work to support your head. 

If the neck is not ready or exercised properly, the movement of the neck becomes achy and stiff.  And that can be a pain in the neck. A strong neck may possibly save your life and keep you exercising well in to your golden years. There are four muscles of the neck that help keep your head on straight. The rotators muscles keep the head moving from side to side, and help you look over your shoulder when your drive your car. The flexors muscles keep the head moving up and down, so the chin touches the chest. The lateral flexors muscles keep the head tilting from side to side, ear to shoulder. The extensors muscles keep the head tilting backward, so you can see the football zipping through the air as you catch the ball.  

Necks can have a tendency to ach and be stiff. Most bodybuilders realize they have neck muscles when the area becomes stiff and aches from lifting at the club. Working the neck muscles as part of a bodybuilding routine through training and stretching develops the overall neck area, preventing pain in the neck. Not to mention a fit neck improves the appearance and helps avoid injury from overuse. A towel used in working your neck is an effective way to effectively isolate the neck’s muscles full range of movement.

A good size towel folded up length-wise at about a 2-inch width is most favorable. You simply stand comfortable while your feet are apart about the width of shoulders. Lean a little forward as you drape the towel behind the head. Just grab both ends of the towel. You want to create a comfortable resistance with the towel and hands as you gradually move the head upward and downward. It’s best to perform this routine is in three sets, 10 to 12 repetitions. Remember to breathe throughout the stretch as you relax for 2 minutes between your sets.  

Visit again and I will post two more towel neck exercises.

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