Tiger Woods Press Conference Was Over Par

[topsy_retweet_big]At 11am EST on February 20th 2010 Tiger Woods made his first public appearance since the unexplainable Thanksgiving destruction derby.

Woods gathered friends, family, and selected members of the media for this highly anticipated press conference. The most impressive part of this entire process was that the golf writers association decided to boycott this event.

The prepared speech was reported to be five – seven minutes long, but it actually ran for over 13 minutes. The Woods appearance was broadcasted on four different major networks, similar to the State of the Union Address.

It has been more than 24 hours since the public apology and most people have strong opinions, from television personalities to everyday sports fans.

Tiger Woods is Golf

Much was to be made of the timing of this “Dog and Pony Show”. Fellow golfer Ernie Els, was quoted as saying the timing was selfish.

Mr. Els, you may feel that way, but without this so called selfish man on the tour, you would be making half the money you do at most tournaments. Someone please try telling me that money is not that important. People have been lying, cheating, steeling, and dying over it for thousands of years.

Woods spoke before the round of 16 in the Accenture Match Play event. Why is this important? Accenture was one of the first major sponsors to drop Woods after he was reportedly humping like a rabbit, with more than just his own bunny.

I watch golf because of Tiger Woods, before him I didn’t even consider it a sport. If over weight men who think calisthenics is actually a jelly doughnut sold in the pro shop, then it’s more of a hobby than a sport.

I have not and most likely will not watch more than the final round of any event, because no one has proven to be elite in Tiger’s absences, injured or unfaithful. Winning a major without Woods in the field during this era will be forever tainted in the minds of golf fans.

Money Can’t Buy Silence

In the press conference Woods stated that Elin never abused him before or after she found out he was slumming. That to me isn’t important, because the whole thing started with a car accident and unexplainable damage to the family SUV.

When Elin found out, maybe if he had said “honey, clam down, here’s a half a billion dollars”, this whole mess might have been avoided.

I have asked over twenty women, “If your man cheated on you with 10 plus women, would you stay with him?” Almost all of them had no hesitation and all of them said NO! I also don’t have half a billion dollars to offer them to stick around.

This is all about rehabilitating Tigers image and that starts by pretending to get his family life back in order.

Woods is bigger than any of us can imagine to so many people. By his early thirties he has earned a billion dollars. He is the first athlete to do so and if he has made this enormous amount of money, imagine the countless numbers of other organizations that feed off of Woods.

Woods is in a professional field that won’t end until his late forties with the workout regiment that he maintains. Not to mention, sex is a great way to stay in shape.

What Was This Circus About

In the Press Conference Tiger used the words behavior, unfaithful, and critical amongst many more descriptive words of himself.

Tiger does not owe me anything. He is just a great golfer and human being capable of error. I have known about 50 men who have been unfaithful to their wives or girlfriends, the only difference is that most of them don’t get caught because they are smarter than this Stanford grad.

This press conference was in large part for his wife Elin and their two kids. Elin wants him to feel the embarrassment and humiliation she felt. The best way to start that process is to do so in front of the entire world.

I would like to let Elin in on a little secret, even if Tiger tattooed “I’m a filthy cheater” on his forehead, Elin will never feel vindicated.

As long as Elin stays married to Tiger, every room that she enters there will be whispers about how she could stay married to a man who disrespected her so greatly. I would suggest Elin ask Hilary Clinton how to handle this, but I can see how you might get over a fat chick and cigar.

Yesterday was a pathetic show, from the sad red eyes to the unnatural hug he gave his mother, and the awkward pauses finished with un-genuine stares into the camera were worse. About two thirds of the way through I thought a camera malfunction saved Woods from looking like emotionless, cold, robot.

In the eyes of some, yesterday may have started to restore his career on the course. As for his relationship with Elin, all the apologies in the world won’t stop her from looking like a doormat if she stays with Woods.

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