The New Act Has Gone Into Effect ( Guess How I Feel About That)

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The New Act Has Gone Into Effect ( Guess How I Feel About That)

So I will add to the list of disgruntled members of the steroid community as of 04/13/09. The idea that the Constitution has been worked all over for the past 50 or so years just plain bothers me. We have Congress paying wealthy citizens’ monstrous bonuses, while the homeless stay homeless.

Do you realize how many could have benefited from just one of those 7 figured bonuses.

We could have cleaned up MOST of the homeless in my state. 

I fully understand this doesn’t directly relate with the issue for us, but it shows the gross misuse of power.  I have a lot of hope for Obama, because he has a good head on his shoulders, because he wasn’t a politician long enough to be completely ruined, kind of like Kennedy in my opinion.  He realizes that there are much bigger issues then AAS.  We have an economy going down the toilet and they want to put the screws to average recreational steroid users.

The Ryan Haight Act is an attempt to stop drug use in America, which for the most part seems honorable.

But the more I look into this, the more I realize it isn’t for the well being of our citizens.

No this is about  Interest Groups  that are seeing decreased profits because you can buy the exact same medicine from Canada or else where, for a fraction of the cost.

This is also an attempt by the government to control everything we do. Isn’t it convenient that advertising such options can get you in trouble with the law. That doesn’t sound like an honest approach.

That sounds like censorship, and the government stating what we are allowed to read.

So we have a new Act that puts a lot of pressure on any U.S. based forum, and you will see this show its true form over the coming months.

The idea that really upsets me is the following:

Consistent with the CSA itself, the Ryan Haight Act relates solely to controlled substances.

Controlled substances are those psychoactive drugs and other substances – including narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, and anabolic steroids – that are placed in one of five schedules of the CSA due to their potential for abuse and likelihood that they may cause psychological or physical dependence when abused.

This is once again placing AAS in same group as very lethal drugs.

I will say this again, I have never seen a person rob someone at gun point to get a bottle of steroids, or had a hooker ever offer me a blow job in exchange for some D-bol. These associations are just not realistic, and for them to place the same sanctions on such is outrageous.  I do understand how dangerous steroids can be if abused, but seriously.

My closing words are be careful my friends, this could be another feeble attempt or the start of an ugly era in U.S. history. I guess I will sit back and watch to see where the cards may fall.

I am just tired of every half witted politician using AAS as an easy win and a notch in their belt, even though they don’t care about the actions, just there name involved in a cause they could careless about.

Its a shame.

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