The General’s NBA Power Rankings 1.0

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The General’s NBA Power Rankings 1.0

The NBA season is right around the corner and that means it’s time for some conjecture and predictions. We’ll be doing power rankings here on every three weeks.

Why every three weeks? Because in three weeks a lot could have happened. If I did these every week the ebb and flow would be too drastic. I want to see the NBA season unfold in a calm and relaxed manner. It already takes way too long as it is. Pummeling you with power rankings every seven days just isn’t very nice.

Now, before I here all the cat-calls and accusations that I’m a hater you have to understand two things:

1. I’m a Lakers fan, but I’m not stupid. If they sucked, I would tell you.

2. I don’t buy into hype. I buy into, “What have you done for me lately?”

3. I don’t care if you have a flashy owner. I care if you can perform long term (i.e the playoffs).

Everybody’s good with that? Great! We’ll count down from number ten to number one. Yes, every team I leave out of the power ranking is a team that, in my opinion, hasn’t earned the right to be talked about.

I can’t just cover you because you play in the NBA. I want to cover you because you’re doing something good. If I left your favorite team off the list don’t complain to me: Tell them to get better!

10. Phoenix

Alvin Gentry is doing a really good job with Steve Nash and a team of relative no-names. He weathered the storm that was Shaq. He weathered some bad moves by Steve Kerr, and he managed to beat the Spurs in the playoffs.

I mean, Steve Nash cried like a baby in the locker room when they finally conquered the Spurs. This team is poised to do something special. I don’t how special it will be, but they’re going to be a pain in someone’s ass.

9. Utah

Utah is playing 2010-2011 sans Carlos Boozer, but they’ve got Al Jefferson, AK 47, Sundiata Gaines, Paul Millsap, and Okur. I call that youth with veteran help, and lots of potential.

Oh, did I mention they’re starting this guy named Deron Williams at point guard? Yeah, he’s kinda good. In fact, Deron Williams is the key to this franchise’s success for the next 10 years.

8. Portland

LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller, Brandon Roy. What do they all have in common? They’ve underachieved in the league. That’s what Portland does – they underachieve with what looks like superior talent. I could have put them a lot higher, but I know what they’ll do.

They’ll dazzle us and Brandon Roy will rip off a few triple-doubles and they’ll all be calling Portland the spoiler in the west. Then the playoffs will come and the Blazers will fizzle out. Why do you think Clyde Drexler went to Houston to get a ring?

7. Denver

It would be easy to write off Denver because Carmelo Anthony wants out – bad – and Chauncey is getting old. Actually, Kenyon Martin, Nene, and JR Smith are getting old too.

But you have to remember that George Karl is battling back from cancer and these guys love him. I won’t move the Nuggets down in the rankings until they start sucking or Melo gets traded.

6. Dallas

Dirk, Dirk, Dirk. You were so close to winning the finals in 2006. (Don’t worry, I know it still hurts.) You’ve got some nice players on your team, but you’re another underachiever. In fact, the only reason you’re ahead of Denver is because you have Dirk.


Miami is only this high because they have three really talented guys on their roster and one of them won a ring over Dallas in 2006. In fact, they’re only ahead Dallas because of that 2006 ring.

LeBron has to prove to us that he isn’t a quitter. Chris Bosh isn’t even really a star. Hell, he couldn’t even make a dent in the ACC at Georgia Tech. What makes us think he’s so great!?

D-Wade is hurt and he’s the only person who can lead this to anywhere special. While he’s out LeBron and Bosh are getting big heads. This team will have a hard time winning 50 games, but they’ve got the talent.

Now the question is, are they a lamb or a lion?

4. Oklahoma City

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green. That’s pretty much all you need. OKC is better than Miami and I’ll tell you why. No egos. Durant knows he hasn’t won a ring. Westbrook does too. Bosh and LeBron both act like they’ve actually won something. That’s the difference.

I already think KD can win a zillion titles in Oklahoma City, but I know he’s got some stiff competition so I can’t vault him to the top of the rankings just yet. But, by golly, he’s awful darn close!

3. Orlando

Dwight Howard is still a beast in the middle and nobody wants to talk about it. It’s as if he walked into the Haunted Mansion at Disney World and never came out.

News Flash! Dwight Howard is the best center in basketball! Period! He’s got pieces around him and Stan Van Gundy coaching him. Granted, he hasn’t won anything either, but at least he lacks ego and he has more experience than the boys in OKC. That should count for something, right?

2. Boston

They took the Lakers seven games with a bunch of old guys and Rasheed Wallace. That means a lot, but that doesn’t make them the best team in basketball. However, if I had to put my money on it I’d bet on them getting back to the finals one more time with this nucleus.

Here’s the things, how can you argue with Allen, Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo? Rondo is a hall of fame caliber point guard leading three guys who already won a title back in 2008. This works – or at least it should.


I don’t have to explain this one, right? Ok!

Honorable Mentions

The Atlanta Hawks might be something to talk about if Larry Drew is any better than Mike Woodson. The only problem with Atlanta is that they fired Mike Woodson for improving.

He had a better record every year he was there, he garnered the three seed in the east last year, and they fired him. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

The Spurs still have Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. I don’t like them, I think they play dirty basketball, but they’re good nonetheless. You can’t write them off until Duncan proves he has almost nothing left in the tank.

The Bulls would be nice if they had Carlos Boozer, but he got hurt. Now they have to run Joakim Noah in the paint until Boozer gets back. Not only was this not the plan, but it isn’t going to work.

You could fall in love with the Rockets or the Knicks, but both of those teams are built around guys who get hurt too much. When the Knicks find someone better than Amare Stoudamire, call me. When the Rockets move on from Yao Ming, call me. Otherwise, just stay off it, ok?

That’s right, I mentioned 15 teams and only 13 of them are any good. That means over half the NBA is garbage. Why?  I’ll explain later.

But, right now, it sure makes for fun blowouts in between the Super Bowl and Spring Training!

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