Take Me Out To The…?

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Take Me Out To The…?

America’s original favorite pastime sport of baseball, is batting its way to the first base of sports news. MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, is tightening the jock straps on the post-season schedule. He seems to think, that there is too much off-time between post-season games.

Scott Boras is blasting MLB owners for cutting their payrolls. According to sources, most teams have between $80-$90 million dollars per year, before ticket sales.

Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy have been chosen as 2009 Managers of the Year. Scioscia for the (AL) and Tracy for the (NL).

Who will win the 2009 Cy Young Award? So far, there are three players in the running and on base. Carpenter with (SL), Lincecum (SF) and Wainwright (SL). From what I’ve heard….the odds of winning are, practically, even for all three players.

Past actions have proven one disturbing fact. Managers chosen as winner of the Manager of the Year Award are, unfortunately, FIRED , yes FIRED within two years after winning. To give you an example….Joe Girardi won in 2006 and was also FIRED in 2006. Two other eliminated cast of struck-out characters were…Doug Melvin and Eric Wedge. Melvin won Manager of the Year in 2007 and was FIRED in 2009. Wedge, also, won Manager of the Year in 2007 and ka-bam he too was FIRED in 2009. Is it a curse or weird fate?

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