Sustanon, And The Test Blend

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Sustanon, And The Test Blend

I find it to be quite normal for every Bodybuilder, and Recreational Steroid User to try to find an edge.

Whether is it may be a certain stack, or a specific compound that works well for us. It is always the motive of the  user to get that little extra bump to get even bigger or stronger.

I think within this type of thinking that Sustanon and the average Test Blend was born.

The best way to start the conversation about such is to talk about the masters, Sustanon 250, and its inventors Organon.

First we must thank the Company that started it all.  Organon decided that Test Propionate (30 mgs), Test Phenylpropionate (60 mgs), Test Isocaproate (60 mgs), and Test Decanoate (100mgs) would be a good combination , though many have tried to imitate or replace, none have had as much success.

The original benefits were pushed as the success of a short ester Test without the need for as frequent  injections, some may disagree, but its benefits far surpass that.

You get the benefits of each side of the spectrum ( long and short esters ) without all the unwanted side effects, you basically end up in the middle.

Good immediate strength increase, good size gains, and it is also a great change of pace when we have used all the different esters and need a change to get god growth.

We have seen the mountain top and now we can try to understand the rest of the Test Blends.

There was such a huge interest in Sustanon, many UG Labs, and a few Human Grade Companies have either used the same successful formula or have stepped just slightly off the beaten path and tried to create their own version.

I believe though the original is  “Old Reliable”, most versions have there place and are quite useful.

But I believe the versatility is its main benefit, it can be used in almost any cycle with very good results.

I do believe the main observation one makes when choosing which Test Blend , is money.  Sustanon is human grade , and quite expensive.

So options like Omnadren (same recipe) or Sten (not the same and has an extra additive) are more reasonably priced which makes it also popular ( sten isn’t as well known but still usable). For the most part most UG Labs make good and cheap versions, but some feel like they reinvented the wheel so the price tag becomes bloated ( like a fat boy on Cypionate ). This is beyond me, but it is a black market that only gets blacker.

My own opinion is that Test Blends are very good and can be used in a leaner, bulker , or cutter.

I do feel they should be injected EOD or ETD , but some do use it once a week and see good gains.

I do feel the once a week option is more likely to have the side effects flare up, because the inconsistent blood levels will cause such.

It can be used at doses from 250-1000 mgs ( though some find it necessary to exceed that) with very good gains, the most common system for injection is a Monday & Friday routine, though as I stated above EOD or ETD , I believe, works slightly better.

Best time to use this is when a change of ester is needed.

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